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Best Options During Home Invasion Robberies


NASHVILLE, Tenn. - For many people one of their biggest fears was what to do when someone breaks in and they are home alone. Police give their best options.

Ken Bruce makes panic rooms or safe rooms for a living. 

"It's anchored to the concrete in the garage. Fourteen gauge steel and two sheets of plywood and fire resistant sheet rock on the outside of it," said Bruce.

The idea was to run to one in your home when you feel unsafe.

"From a storm, from invaders or whatever would come in, because whenever you shut the door you have a steel door with three deadbolts," said Bruce.

Police said that was one way to protect yourself if someone was breaking into their home.

Detective Jeannine Hale said every situation was different, but in general she recommended leaving the house and calling 911.

"If you feel some type of assault is what the intruder is anticipating then your best bet is probably to get out of the house as best you can," said Hale.

Two men broke into a south Nashville home in April while a woman and her husband were asleep.

"I just didn't move. I just laid there under the covers and didn't move," said the victim.

The couple had no time to react when a man held them at gunpoint while another ransacked their apartment.

"I don't know why someone would come into my home and do this to me. I think they had the wrong house," said the victim.

A lot of people keep pistols nearby for situations like this, but Detective Hale said a gun was not always the answer.

"If you're not willing to use it you could be a victim from them taking that gun and using it on you," said Hale.

She said if their going to have a gun for protection, make sure they are well-trained, so there will be no hesitation about using it.

"If you know that when you pull the gun and you'll use it, I don't see anything wrong with announcing I have a gun and I will protect myself," said Hale.

She said the best and safest option was still to get away from the home and call police.

Police said legally you can not shoot someone to protect personal property which means if you shoot someone inside your home - you must feel threatened or your life must be in danger.

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