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Police Investigate Officer's Conduct During Kazemi's DUI


NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Metro police are investigating the conduct of a fellow officer for his role in the Steve McNair case. Internal Affairs has launched a review of DUI officer Shawn Taylor.

He pulled over McNair and Sahel Kazemi two days before their deaths, and made a phone call to a fellow officer. Taylor's supervisors said the tone of the call was unprofessional.

Most Metro DUI stops are recorded and when Officer Shawn Taylor pulled over the Cadillac Escalade McNair and Kazemi were in, he seemed to forget his microphone was on.

"Guess who I've stopped?" asked Taylor on his cell phone.

He made the call right after getting Kazemi's ID and seeing McNair in the passenger seat. He clearly recognized both.

"Remember that young female I stopped at Broadway a few weeks ago. Guess who is with her?" said Taylor.

Taylor then made a determination about their condition.

"Yep, drunk as, he's drunk as hell. She's not," said Taylor.

He later got Kazemi out of the car and determined she was drunk. 

Internal affairs are investigating the tone of the call. Superiors said it was unprofessional and Taylor should have known everything he was saying was recorded for possible use in court.

Taylor continued what sounded like a personal call. He described what happened when he walked to the SUV and said McNair mumbled something to him.

"I didn't even see him at first. I was thinking man she looks familiar, man she looks familiar and all of a sudden he leans over and goes 'you know' (unintelligible) (laughs) and he goes (unintelligible) and I was like whatever dude (laughs)," said Taylor.

Taylor then made a statement about just trying to find a DUI.

"Why me? I'm just trying to find a DUI," said Taylor.

Taylor is a 13-year veteran who has had problems in the past. He charged McNair with DUI six years ago but a judge ruled he had no probable cause to make the stop. 

There were also accusations that he targeted McNair, and then revelations that he brought video tapes of DUI stops home and showed them to friends.

Internal affairs will see the video. At the end of the call he seemed to understand the call could lead to trouble.

"I keep getting roped into these things minding my own business," said Taylor.

Internal affairs could recommend any number of sanctions against Taylor. There has been no change to his schedule, and he remains on his shift.

Earlier this year, the Metro Police Department honored Shawn Taylor for making more DUI arrests than any other officer.

Kazemi received three tickets prior to that night. One was written by Shawn Taylor on June 4. In fact, she received two tickets on that same day.

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