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Inside Story: Apollo Conspiracy Theorist Arrested After Tirade

From Phil Williams:

The world just celebrated the 40th anniversary of America's landing on the moon. But a local man has a problem with the official story -- and now he's also got a problem with the law.

Bart Sibrel is a well-known conspiracy theorist whose made a bit of a career out of ambushing America's astronauts, trying to make them look like hot-headed fakes.

Sibrel, who calls himself an investigative journalist, has produced videos questioning whether the moon landing ever happened.

His 2001, widely discredited documentary called it "the greatest government coverup of all time."

As part of his crusade, Sibrel has repeatedly ambushed the Apollo astronauts, demanding that they admit they had faked it all.

Video from 2002 shows the day that he repeatedly berated NASA legend Buzz Aldrin -- eventually getting exactly what he wanted.

"Will you get away from me?" Aldrin demanded.

"You're a coward and a liar," Sibrel shouted, moving closer and closer to Aldrin.

At that point, the former astronaut punched Sibrel in the face.

Turning to his videographer, Sibrell asked, "Did you get that on camera? Did you get that on camera?"

And, indeed, that punch made national headlines.

But Sibrel, who moonlights as a Nashville cab driver, apparently lost control a few months back  over his own landing of sorts.

Court documents show he was arrested after another driver refused to pull out of a parking space he wanted. She was waiting for her car engine to warm up.

The arresting officer wrote, "A few moments later, the parking space in front of the victim opened up and [Sibrel] drove into it and parked."

Sibrel "then walked up to the victim's car and jumped onto the hood, and then jumped up and down several times."

The report says he caused about $1,431.33 in damage.

Last month, according to the court's website, Sibrel pleaded guilty to vandalism and was placed on probation.

But, as you might have guessed, that's one outburst you won't see in his videos.

Sibrel did not respond to an email from NewsChannel 5 Investigates.

Read the arrest affidavit for conspiracy theorist Bart Sibrel (.pdf)

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