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NewsChannel 5 Exclusive: Arthur Details Disposing of Janet March’s Body

Not long after Arthur March's arrest for trying to arrange the murder of Lawrence and Carolyn Levine, he cut a deal.

March faced up to 20 years but will serve only 18 months if he helps convict his son, Perry, in the murder of Perry's wife, Janet.

"At some juncture Col. March has got to consider his own criminal liability," Fletcher Long, Arthur March's attorney, said earlier this year. "I think my client has provided substantial assistance."

Arthur said Perry admitted killing Janet with a wrench.

NewsChannel 5 has learned specifics, detailed in secret court depositions, that outline what Arthur would tell a jury during the murder trial.

Arthur said after Perry killed Janet in August of 1996 and buried her in a shallow grave at a construction site not far from their Forest Hills home in Nashville.

Arthur said he remembers it was five weeks later, after the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, that he helped Perry move the body.

After nightfall, they drove to the site. Arthur walked from the road up a gravel driveway. Perry drove around the block, while his father dug up the body in a bag and dragged it down to the road. There, he stood in the open, waiting until Perry came back around.

They loaded the body and drove away.

From there, Arthur said they drove to Kentucky.

Perry went to a hotel. Arthur went alone to dispose of the body. He spotted a creek near a golf course in Franklin, Ky.

The plan was to submerge the body, but Arthur realized the creek was too shallow. Then, his headlights hit a huge brush pile.

It was near dawn, and Arthur said he had to wait for a school bus to drive away.

Then, he dug two holes under the brush pile, one for Janet's clothes and the other for what was left of her body.

Arthur said there was very little smell because all that remained were bones.

Some question the validity of that story.

A gag order prevents Perry March's defense attorneys from commenting on the case.

Dr. Bruce Levy, the state medical examiner, said it's unlikely a body wrapped in a plastic bag would deteriorate that quickly, but he said it's possible.

Janet March's body has never been found.

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