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Mary Winkler Murder Trial: Timeline For Day 2

The following is a timeline for the second day of the murder trial for Mary Winkler, who is accused of fatally shooting her preacher husband Matthew Winkler in his sleep. The shooting took place in the parsonage of Fourth Street Church of Christ in Selmer, a West Tennessee town.

6:12:10 - Carpenter steps down. The judge says it's a good place to stop for the day.

6:10:35 - Freeland returns to redirect the witness. Carpenter talks about how he always tells people he interviews to double-check the statement and make sure it is correct because after they sign it, it becomes their statement.

6:10 pm -- Ballin asked Carpenter if he remembered how Radar on the TV show "MASH" would give things to the colonel and have him sign them without looking at them....and then Ballin asked if he thought Mary would ever sign something without looking at it.

5:50   Carpenter testifies he received an orange tackle box with shotgun shells on April 6th.  It was an average size tackle box.  They didn't fingerprint the box - Carpenter says it was NOT because he wanted to save the TBI time and money.  Carpenter is asked how sleep deprivation affects a person - he says it affects everyone differently.  Carpenter says Agent Booth found the green folder in a van.  He doesn't know how long it was there or who put it there.

Ballin goes over some of the details in Mary Winkler's statement (the one Carpenter wrote down while talking to Mary....she looked at it and signed off on it).

5:47 - Carpenter is questioned about who searched the van.  He says he searched the passenger side - another agent searched the truck.   Ballin is very angry because the van was not thoroughly checked.  Special Agent Booth was supposed to search the rear of the van - Carpenter thought it had been searched thoroughly.  Ballin is upset because Dan Winkler says he found a tackle box full of shells in the van a couple of weeks later. 

5:45   Sidebar

5:39 pm - Carpenter is asked what the crime lab was asked to look for on the 3 computers. He testified they were asked to find anything related to the case. Carpenter says the shotgun & shell were not tested for fingerprints.

5:34 pm - Carpenter is asked who decided to take the computers out of the house (they had been sent to the crime lab in Nashville). He says anytime computers are taken from a home - they are automatically sent to the crime lab.

5:28 pm - Carpenter is asked what was taken out of the Winkler House - he says 2 pillows, a sheet, several samples to be tested, some checks, a photograph. He testified several other things - including a wallet - were taken later. Carpenter is questioned about Donna Nelson - the head of the crime scene team. 

5:11 pm - Defense attorney Leslie Ballin begins the cross-examination of Chris Carpenter.

5:01 pm - A handwritten statement made by Mary Winkler is shown on the screen and read by Chris Carpenter. He took the statement. It says that Mary and Matthew have been married for 10 years, and they had been having increased problems.

4:41 pm - Carpenter is asked to examine the gun - Carpenter says the gun was in the case when he got it. He says he did a safety check on it before he packed it up. The safety was apparently off - the gun had been fired - but had not been cycled yet. That means there was a spent shell in the gun.

He says he got a statement from Mary Winkler on March 21 at 11:45 am.

4:24 pm - Carpenter testifies the phone was found unplugged in the Winkler's bedroom on the night of the murder. A photo of the bedroom with the victim's body is shown in court. A photo of the hallway in the Winkler house is shown in court. More photos taken inside the house are also shown.

4:18 pm - Carpenter is shown a diagram of the Winkler home. 

4:11 pm - Prosecution calls Chris Carpenter - a special agent with the TBI. Carpenter testified he was called to the Winkler home on the night of the murder. He was the first to arrive around midnight. Mike Frizell was next - TBI Crime Scene came later. 


3:50 pm - Re-direct ends, and Defense attorney Steve Farese steps back to the podium to continue interviewing Investigator Stabler. He asks Stabler a question and Stabler says "That's what I thought you mean." Farese asks if Stabler asked him what he meant, and he said no, and Farese said, "Just like you didn't ask Mary Winkler what she meant." Stabler steps down from the stand.

3:46 pm - Prosecution re-directs, and District Attorney Walt Freeland asks Investigator Stabler a few more questions about what Mary Winkler did tell him that shows that she did kill her husband.

3:45 pm - Stabler agrees with Steve Farese that Mary Carol Winkler never said she intentionally pulled the trigger and killed her husband. Cross - examination ends.

2:50 pm Court resumes, and they return to the interview


12:53 pm Farese goes through Winkler's statement with Investigator Stabler

12:52 pm Farese moves the podium so the jury can see better.

12:47 pm Defense Attorney Steve Farese continues his questioning of Investigator Stabler. They discuss the different ways of taking statements.

11:41 am -- LUNCH BREAK

10:45 am Stabler is asked if he told Winkler he didn't think she was a cold-blooded killer. Stabler says he didn't know at the time. Stabler told Winkler he would turn the recorder off - but in fact, he left it on. 

10:44 am Sidebar

10:40 am - Stabler is cross-examined by Steve Farese; Stabler is asked about his interviewing techniques, Stabler promised Winkler her statements would not be made public.  Stabler insists he didn't lie to Winkler.

10:37 - Sidebar

10:36 - Stabler testifies he also interviewed the Winklers' 2 oldest children

10:34:40 - he racks the shotgun

10:39 - Stabler testifies he interviewed the 2 kids and kept records of that interview

10:32:34 - Investigator Stabler pulls the shotgun out and holds it in his hand.

10:29:50 - Investigator Stabler says he found the shotgun in the back of Mary Winkler's van and removed it himself.

10:27:12 - Freeland shows the diagram drawn (during the interview) of the Winkler's bedroom.

10:22:15 - Court resumes. Freeland enters the transcript as an exhibit. Investigator Stabler is still on the stand. He talks about the good cop/bad cop approach. During the interview with Mary Winkler, he was the "good cop."

9:56:41 - Courtroom takes a break

8:44:55 - Judge says the transcript of the interview will be made available as an aid, but the jury should listen closely to the tape of the interview. Then, the interview is played.

8:33:35 - The prosecution calls investigator Stan Stabler to the stand.  He is currently employed with the Baldwin County district attorney's office. He's their chief investigator. He worked with the Alabama Bureau of Investigation when Mary Winkler was arrested, and he interviewed her in Alabama after her arrest. He used a digital recorder during the interview.

8:30:35 - Things get going again. Jury comes in. Then, a sidebar.

8:20 am - Judge J. Weber McCraw comes into the courtroom, and all the attorneys approach the bench for a sidebar.

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