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Mary Winkler Murder Trial: Timeline For Day 3

The following is a timeline for the third day of the murder trial for Mary Winkler, who is accused of fatally shooting her preacher husband Matthew Winkler in his sleep. The shooting took place in the parsonage of Fourth Street Church of Christ in Selmer, a West Tennessee town.

5:17- The trial ended.

5:03 -  Scott is asked to hold the gun in position for 10 minutes - the demonstration actually lasts about 5 minutes.  He testifies he has never tried to shoot a shotgun while standing on pillows.

4:54 - Scott is asked what is the sympathetic reflex?  He testifies it is when a person is startled - they tend to automatically clinch their fists.  Scott is questioned about different weapons and how they fire.  Farese wants to know what is the trigger pull for a Glock pistol? 

4:47  - Agent Scott is cross-examined by Steve Farese.  Scott is asked whether the figure-8 shaped hole could have been caused by the shirt being wrinkled - he says yes. Agent Scott is asked whether you can accidentally pull a trigger - he answers yes.

4:26 - Scott testifies about his report and the conclusions he drew from examining the shell casing and the clothes.  Report is entered into evidence.

4:26 - Scott testifies about his report and the conclusions he drew from examining the shell casing and the clothes.  Report is entered into evidence.

4:19  - Scott testifies he was given 2 pieces of Matthew Winkler's clothing to test muzzle to victim distance.  Testifies he looks for gunpowder residue, lead residue and the size of the hole in the clothing - that helps him determine how far the shirt is from the gun when it's fired.  Scott testifies the hole in the green sweatshirt was a figure 8 shape.  The hole in the red shirt was one one-inch hole. 

4:17  -  Scott testifies it takes about 3¾ pounds of pressure to pull the trigger on this shotgun.  Scott testifies he doesn't think the trigger could have been pulled accidentally.  He says it did not have a hair trigger (less than one pound of pressure).

4:02   Scott testifies he is certain that shell was fired from the Winkler's shotgun

3:58 - Photo of the spent shotgun shell is shown in court

3:42  -  Special Agent Steve Scott is called by the prosecution - Agent Scott is a firearms expert at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab.  Scott is declared a firearms expert. Scott demonstrates how the 12-gauge shotgun works.  Scott tested the shotgun shell in his lab.  He testifies it is a Remington shotgun shell. 

3:39   - The defense (Farese) begins cross-examining Mills.

3:38 -  Prosecution wants Mills named as an expert on check kiting - defense objects - Mills is not declared an expert

3:22  - Mills testifies Winkler deposited a check for $4,900 on March 13th.  Her account was not immediately credited with that money.  Mills shows 2 deposit slips and a check.

3:14   Mills testifies Winkler deposited a $4,880 check - it was later found to be fraudulent.  The check was written on a bank that didn't exist.  Mills says the money never made it to Winkler's account.

3:06   Mills is asked about the activity on that account

3:03   Sidebar

2:57  - Judi Mills is called by the prosecution. She works at First State Bank in Henderson. Mills is asked about an account Mary Winkler opened in her name - using a post office box and her cell phone number.


2:29 -  April Brown - re-direct by Walt Freeman.  Brown testifies all the checks were signed by Mary Winkler.  Many of those checks were written to Pizza Hut. 

1:07:00 -  April Brown is cross-examined by Leslie Ballin.  They spend several minutes making sure the papers are in the right pile.  Brown is asked the basics of banking - what is a bank statement, etc. They spend some time going over some of the Winklers' bank statements, and he points out overdraft charges.

12:02:38 - The court takes a lunch break. They plan to resume at 1 p.m.

11:55:06 - Court resumes. April Brown is still on the stand, and Assistant District Attorney Walt Freeland continues questioning her. The Winklers' three joint accounts at Regions had a positive balance, but the one that was just Mary Winkler's account had a negative balance. When Regions combined the Winklers' four accounts, they were still overdrawn by more than $3000.


11:32:14 - Brown starts looking through the records, and the court takes a quick break.

11:12:37 --  A few checks written for thousands of dollars ($4,000, $4,000 and some cents, $2,000 and some cents, etc.) are shown. They are all written on Mary Winkler's account at First State Bank, and they are all written to Mary Winkler. That bank is not part of Regions Bank, but all the checks were deposited into Mary Winkler's personal account at Regions Bank through the ATM. The checks were dated March 15, March 17, and March 20. The checks were not good, and Regions Bank bore the ultimate loss of the checks. Brown says "Check kiting" is floating funds from one account to the next or from one bank to another bank. Brown says funds were being transferred between the four accounts by telephone.

10:42:25 - April Brown takes the stand. She is a corporate fraud investigator with Regions bank and a records custodian. She goes over which accounts were personal, which accounts were joint, and other details like that with assistant district attorney Walter Freeland. Mary Winkler deposited the check in an ATM. Brown says that when you deposit a check in the ATM, there is no hold on it (but there would be one when you walk into the bank and deal with the tellers). So, the bank had no way to know the funds were insufficient until the check was returned.

10:18:25 - Brown steps down from the stand. Freeland requests a brief 5 minute recess

10:14 - Brown is cross-examined by defense attorney Steve Farese. He confirms that her testimony is that the WInklers' mail was sent temporarily to a post office box whatever reason.

10:02 -  Michelle Brown is called by the Prosecution.  She is a city carrier with the US Post Office in Selmer. She discusses a change of address form.

9:59 -  Guest is questioned by Walt Freeland.

9:49:00 -  Guest is cross-examined by Leslie Ballin.  Guest is asked how Mary reacted when they were talking about the checking kiting issues - she says Mary didn't seem to understand what she was talking about.  She says it seemed to be going in one ear and out the other. Guest testifies she told Mary at 4:15pm that her accounts had been frozen. 

9:45:40 -  Guest testifies she told Winkler what she was doing was called check kiting. Guest told her if they didn't work it out - she could face criminal charges.  Mary was supposed to come to the bank at 8:30am the next morning.  Guest testifies she know the church secretary at the church - and she is divorced.

9:40-13 - Mary Paulette Guest takes the stand.  She is a member of the Fourth Street Church of Christ, and she is a bank teller at Regions Bank in Selmer. She says Mary called her that afternoon.


9:20: 55 - Hollingsworth steps down

9:15:01-Assistant District Attorney Walt Freeland re-directs. The $6445 check deposited wasn't any good, and depositing it caused a loss of money to Regions bank. Hollingsworth says the victim of Mary Winkler depositing the check was technically Regions Bank. Winkler lost no money by depositing the fraudulent check.

When Hollingsworth talked to Mary Winkler about her financial problems, they discussed that the problems needed to be resolved by March 22.

8:55:11 - Defense Attorney Steve Farese cross-examines Hollingsworth. She says she's not sure she knows if Mary's account was a joint account or not. She says she wasn't suspicious about a $6,445 check from Canada since she knew the customer, but now she realizes she should have been suspicious.

The call she made to Mary wasn't telling her that she deposited a fraudulent check for $6445. She specifically talked to Mary about a $1500 check that had no funds. Farese wants to know when she talked to Mary about the $6445 check. But, on a report about an interview she gave authorities, it appears that she called Mary about the $6445 check. Farese says he's thoroughly confused.

8:28:55 a.m. - Prosecution calls Amy Hollingsworth to the stand. She is also employed by Regions Bank. She is also employed by Regions bank as a drive-in teller. Hollingsworth remembers a check deposited in the name of Mary Winkler that had a hold on it until it cleared, but it didn't clear.

At one point, she remembers advising Winkler that if she would come in and talk to her branch manager, there was some way they could work it out. She says she told Mary that it was not an impossible situation.

8:25:55 a.m. - Leslie Ballin begins cross-examining Jana Hawkins.

8:18:31 a.m. - Jana Hawkins takes the stand. She is an employee of Regions Bank. She was asked to make a call to Mary Winkler to bring to her attention that her account was about $5,000 overdrawn. Hawkins said Winkler indicated that she was aware of the situation. Winkler asked what her options would be, and she asked if she could take his name off the account. That was not an option according to Hawkins. Winkler was in class when she talked to Hawkins. Winkler wanted to meet with Hawkins on the 22nd, and she indicated that she knew she had "Made a bad situation worse and couldn't fit $5,000 into her budget.

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