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Bikers Protecting Abused Children

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.- A child who is sexually abused often withdraws, feels insecure and alone.

Who can they trust?

In Middle Tennessee, a group leather-clad men and women work together to help these children. The group is called Bikers Against Child Abuse or BACA and members make a big difference to children who need to feel safe.

The leather, the big bikes and some members go by nicknames such as Warrior and Buffalo. Despite the hard-looking exterior, BACA members have soft hearts, particularly for children who have been abused.

"It has to do with spirit or attitude, how you approach life," said BACA member Warrior. "I'm pretty sure a small child would see this group walk in and feel fairly safe."

The only ones who need to fear this group are those who would dare hurt a child.

"It's empowering for these children to know they're part of a bigger family," said BACA member known as Buffalo.

When NewsChannel 5 spoke with BACA members, they were checking in on a timid 7-year-old rape victim, who is now part of the BACA family.

Members said she's come a long way since she first met individuals such as Buffalo and Warrior.

"She is totally different person," said a member named Sam. "The first time we came to adopt her she wouldn't even come out of the house. She was scared to death."

Now the child doesn't hesitate to welcome hugs from the volunteer guardian angels.

Besides, who wouldn't love a biker with a bear?

BACA members want child sexual assault victims to feel safe and they want them to go to court.

"Our ultimate goal is to help a child give truthful, accurate and damaging testimony against their perpetrators," said a BACA member.

The 7-year-old girl is terrified of facing her accused rapist in court.

"I can only imagine what it's like to be abused and you have no one supporting you," Warrior said.

Members want this child and other children to known they're not at risk. And if someone is crazy enough come after her now, they should look out.

"We would stand up for any child that is threatened by an abuser," Buffalo said.

As BACA members prepared to leave, the 7-year-old girl began to look sad.

"We'll be back," Sam said before hugging and kissing the child's cheek. "We'll be back."

BACA means it, reassuring the little girl they'll always be nearby.

"If you hear a motorcycle come by and revs its motor up in middle of the night then it's me," Buffalo said to the child. "Okay. See you later."

The bikers really bond with the kids and it makes a difference. Several victims' families and prosecutors now seek BACA out to help support the children.

BACA began in Middle Tennessee in January, but was founded in the mid-1980s in Utah.

All members undergo extensive criminal background check before they can join.

On Wednesday, NewsChannel 5 will focus on bikers who appear in court with a child abuse victim as she faces her alleged attacker. 

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