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Fred Thompson to Make Official Bid For White House

Fred Thompson Fred Thompson

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- Tennessee's own Fred Thompson will be making his bid for the White House official this week.  Thompson's expected to announce it on his website Thursday.

It's the announcement his hometown of Lawrenceburg has been waiting for. Fred Thompson has plans to visit his hometown later this month, and chances are he'll get quite a reception.

"We're gonna have a big community event here in honor of Fred. It's gonna be on the square. We'll have signs, banners. He'll feel the love when he's here and the support," said Lawrenceburg resident, Joanna Chandler.

Lawrenceburg will have to wait a couple weeks before throwing a party for their hometown hero. They've already been waiting for months.

"Most people have been debating if he's going to run or not...hoping he would but not knowing for sure, you hear that a lot," said Lawrenceburg resident, Tom Price.

It's a small town where just about everyone can track their way back to Fred. Lloyd Comer can track back farther than most.

"I knew him when he was in elementary school and in high school," said Comer. "I liked him. He was a nice, likeable person, jolly person, laughs way down in his belly," Comer continued.

Comer is a retired attorney who used to work with Thompson's father and later with Fred.

Lloyd hopes the things that made Thompson likeable in Lawrenceburg will endear him to the rest of the country.

"I believe he'll make a great president. I think a lot of him as a person and as a human being," said Comer.

Thompson may have kept the country and his hometown waiting, but once he makes his presidential bid official, he'll be getting more than just a party in Lawrenceburg.

"When he finalizes publicly, I'm gonna send him a check. I've been waiting for his announcement and if he wasn't going to make it I wasn't going to send the check!" said Comer.

"Everybody is really excited about it. We can't get enough bumper stickers. People who've been getting them are giving them out so fast we can't even get enough out. So everybody is really excited for Fred and we're proud of him," said Joanna Chandler.

While Tennesseans are excited about Thompson's visit, most experts believe he'll spend most of his time campaigning in the primary states to pick up votes there.

Thompson's presidential run is raising some questions about his role on the NBC show "Law and Order."  As of Saturday, Thompson's character will no longer be seen on the network, but the show will still be on cable re-runs.

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