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TRH Health Plans - Frequently Asked Questions

What is TRH Health Plans?

TRH Health Plans is an affiliate of the Tennessee Farm Bureau. Since 1946, TRH has made affordable health care plans available to Farm Bureau members. Today, more than 187,000 Tennesseans living in the state's largest cities, as well as smaller communities, have TRH coverage. TRH plans are administered by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee. TRH representatives are located in Farm Bureau offices in every county of the state.

How can you offer health coverage at lower rates than other companies?

Because of the leverage of the large membership base of the Tennessee Farm Bureau (more than 630,000 family members), and because so many of those members - more than 187,000 - have TRH coverage, our customers benefit from quality, comprehensive coverage plans at competitively low rates. Further, as a not-for-profit membership organization, TRH has minimum administrative costs and no commissions to pay so all these savings are passed along to members. 

How stable is TRH?

TRH has been providing coverage to Tennesseans for a long time, since 1946.  Each year, the number of Farm Bureau members who sign up for TRH coverage has steadily increased. The company is the largest of its kind in the U.S., and pays out an average of almost $1 million in claims every working day of the year.

Do I have to live in a rural area or be a farmer to get coverage?

No. Farm Bureau membership is available to anyone in the state, and anyone who is a member of the Tennessee Farm Bureau can apply for TRH coverage.

Can I choose my own doctors, hospitals and other health care providers?

Yes. With our Medicare supplement plans, there is no network or list of health care providers, and you can select any you choose. With our other plans, while you have complete freedom to choose any provider, your benefits will be greater if you select from TRH's extensive list of more than 21,000 preferred providers in Tennessee who have agreed to special pricing of services.

Does TRH have plans to cover Medicare gaps?

TRH offers 10 Medicare supplement plans approved by the federal government. With constant and often confusing changes in Medicare, many of our senior subscribers have been with us for years and years, sticking with a tried and true option for their health care coverage.

Does TRH have plans just for short periods of time?

TRH offers a variety of short term care plans, all at very affordable rates. 60-day, 90-day, 120-day and 180-day plans are available.

Does TRH have HSA plans?

TRH offers a range of High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) which meet all federal requirements required to open a Health Savings Accounts (HSA). All were designed specifically to be used in conjunction with an HSA. However, we do not offer HSA administration, which generally is carried out by financial and banking institutions

What other plans does TRH offer?

TRH has a wide variety of health plans, including family and individual plans, children's coverage, major medical and dental coverage.

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