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Stimulus May Provide Some Teens With Summer Jobs


NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Tennessee will put nearly 12,000 young adults to work while providing free labor to businesses as part of the economic stimulus package.

Unemployment numbers across the nation. According to the numbers, teens and young adults are among the hardest hit.

Over the past three years, unemployment among 16-24 year olds in the Volunteer State has doubled up to 30 percent.

Help is coming soon. The Tennessee Department of Labor has received $25 million to provide summer jobs for thousands of youth across the state.

"Basically, employers fill out the time sheets, the department pays the paycheck and kids get the employment. Everybody wins in this situation," says Jeff Hentchel with the Department of Labor. "Whether its sweeping, emptying trash cans, painting tables."

Not only will the program benefit teens, it could benefit employers like the Hendersonville Parks Department.

"Anytime we can get labor, whether state or federally funded, its a great opportunity for us we need the help," says department spokesperson Dave LaMarbe.

If all goes well, teens will spend their summer working.

The state is looking for potential work sites. Almost any business is eligible for the program, as long as the jobs are safe and educational.

Anyone ages 14 to 24 and face financial challenges and other barriers can apply for a job. Those other barriers include deficiencies in basic literacy skills, school dropout, homeless, runaway or foster child, pregnant or parenting, or individuals with a disability who require additional assistance to complete an educational program or to secure and hold employment.

The program begins June 6 and lasts 8 weeks. Applications for jobs will start in late March or early April.

Both potential employers and interested youth should call 741-1031 for more information.

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