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Baptist Hospital Technology Gives Peace of Mind to New Parents

A lot of new moms are watching the case of the kidnapped newborn in Missouri, and taking extra precautions. New moms are not alone.

One Nashville hospital has gone high-tech to keep newborns safe.

One-day-old Kate Carter is safe and sound in her mother's arms, but also safe and sound on the nursery floor at Baptist Hospital thanks to some high-tech security measures.

Some measures are so secretive, that only mom Julie and the hospital staff know.

"People don't know, so like if somebody were going to steal her, they wouldn't be aware how easily they could get stopped," new mom Julie Carter said.

The newest tool is a tiny band attached to each newborn. It's wirelessly linked to all access points on the nursery floor. If the newborn is taken to an unsecured area, or the band removed, an alarm goes off.

"When it goes to an alarm, every avenue of escape locks down -- elevators, doors, stairwells, everything," Mullins said.

There's no way to exit the nursery floor with a newborn unless you've got permission and the right credentials. That's peace of mind for Jake and Julie Carter.

"I think it's nice to know that you're secure and you really don't have to worry about that because there's plenty to worry about other than that, so when you know it's all taken care of, that's nice," Julie Carter said.

Baptist averages 6,500 births a year, more than any other Nashville hospital. It's why officials said they have to be the safest.

"I want to keep up, be proactive, get the newest technology we possible can," Mullins said.

The protective bands the newborns wear have been around for years, but have been updated as technology improves.

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