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Mary Winkler's Bosses Give Her A Chance

McMINNVILLE - Mary Winkler's co-workers at the Cleaners Express in McMinnville gave her a chance and a job after she was released from prison on bond.

Winkler received national attention because she is accused of killing her preacher husband Matthew in Selmer, Tennessee.

"You know the first day she walked in she was just, just happy to be here. I think she was thankful to be here," business owner Matt Nash said.

Winkler has worked at the dry cleaner's since August, when her father posted a three quarter of a million dollar bond to get her out of jail.

"We fully trust her with the whole business. We've left her many times to run the whole business for us," business owner Paul Pillow said.

Co-owners Matt Hash and Paul Pillow said they hired Winkler because they knew her when Mathew was a youth minister at their church.

You've got to realize we're not judges here.  We're here to support Mary until that time comes," Nash said.

Her co-workers said they don't judge Winkler on her past.

"No one knows what goes on in someone else's house, so who's to say that I would not have done the same thing," co-worker Anita Bowles said.

Winkler was under strict orders from her attorney not to speak to the media. Hash and Pillow said she does talk about her husband, but only in passing.

"We'll have lunch or something and she'll say this is one of Mathew's favorite things, or...Mathew liked this particular TV program," Nash said.

Winkler is scheduled to work at the dry cleaner's until her trial, which has not been scheduled.

"Mary has become more relaxed with the situation. I think she still worries continuously over it. I would. She don't pass it on to others. She holds a lot of that to herself," Nash said.

Since her arrest, Mary Winkler has seen her three children only once. They're living with in-laws in Huntington, Tennessee.

There was supposed to be a visitation schedule arranged, but as of now that has not happened.

When she's not working, Winkler is living with a close friend in McMinnville while she awaits her trial. A trial date has not been set, but it could happen as early as February.
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