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Pacman's Role In Shooting, Punishment Unclear

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones did not comment publicly about what happened early Monday morning inside a Las Vegas strip club where three people were shot.

The police report and the club owner have provided the only insights into the situation until Thursday when a bouncer, who witnessed the brawl and shooting, gave his account.

It remains unclear exactly what happened inside Minxx Gentlemen's Club but there was a brawl where three people were shot, including a bouncer.

Another bouncer, Issac Weinstock saw Jones in the mêlée. Weinstock said Jones became involved in a fight, made threats but he did not have a weapon.

"Pacman didn't shoot him, but I can't release any information you know what I mean, but let's just say that he had a big part in it," Weinstock told NewsChannel 5. "I seen him when he came in and we did check him and he didn't have anything. We were real thorough, real thorough. We had metal detectors and everything."

Weinstock said he believes Jones knows who did shoot fellow bouncer Aaron Cudworth.

He remembered hearing the gunshots.

"The next thing I know strippers are running up saying they're shooting, they're shooting downstairs, go downstairs. The elevator opened and I see Aaron on the ground," Weinstock said.

Jones allegedly came to the club with $81,000 in cash he won at a casino. Witnesses said he showered the strippers with bills and became angry when some picked up the money.

Police confiscated the money as they investigate the case. Eventually, it will be returned to Jones.

"Pacman Jones, he's just being a punk. He's being a punk," Weinstock said. "I think his head is swollen up so big where he thinks he's above everything ‘because he has all that money and he's in the NFL."

Jones' attorney said he did nothing wrong.

"I'm wondering why he hasn't been arrested," Weinstock said.

Jones has not been charged with any crime. His lawyer insisted Jones did not know anyone involved in the shooting and cooperated with the investigation.

Police in Las Vegas said he was not a suspect or a "person of interest."

A bouncer and a female customer were treated and released from the hospital. The third shooting victim, a security guard, was expected to live but was paralyzed below the waist.


This week's incident was not the first time Jones has been in the spotlight. Many have asked where the National Football League will draw the line on his run-ins with the law.

So far, the NFL has not made any comments, and Jones isn't facing any charges. If the allegations from the bouncer and others turn out to be true, Jones could be looking at punishment off the field.

He has been linked to more than eight incidents -- spitting, vandalism, assault, two arrests- but he has not had to serve time in jail or received major pay cuts. 

When the season ended, Titans Coach Jeff Fisher said Jones had learned from his last run-in in which he was accused of spitting on a Tennessee State University student. The case was recently dismissed.

"He understands. I think he has a good plan, got a good approach already for what he's going to do. He talked about a commitment to the off-season and being around because he really enjoys his teammates. He wants to improve and wants to help everybody else improve," Fisher said.

According to the NFL's Players Association, engaging in criminal activity is "unacceptable" and constitutes conduct "detrimental to the integrity and public confidence of the NFL." 

According to NFL regulations, violent crime includes procedure for psychological evolutions and then a mandatory fine or suspension. 

As the Vegas shooting investigation continues, it could be chalked up as another wrong place, wrong time incident. If it turns out to be more serious, it's possible this star cornerback could be looking at more than legal consequences.

There's no way of knowing exactly what is in the cornerback's contract.

Clauses that protect players or the NFL are different for each player, but it's possible the NFL will strongly consider taking some action if the allegations are true.



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