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Extortion Suspect: 'Pacman' Ordered Vegas Club Shooting

Adam "Pacman" Jones Adam "Pacman" Jones

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A 29-year-old man arrested for a Las Vegas strip club shooting said former Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones ordered the 2007 shooting, which injured three people.

Police arrested Arvin Edwards of Renton, Washington in early April and charged him with three counts of attempted murder for the 2007 shooting at the Minxx Gentlemen's Club in Las Vegas. The shooting followed a melee inside at the club.

According to documents uncovered by NewsChannel 5, Edwards extorted money from Jones told police that another man demanded that he pay or something would happened to Jones' mother and young daughter.

In telephone interview from a Washington jail, Edwards said Jones framed him.

"I feel sorry for them and everything, but I want to let them know I'm not the person who done this. I've been shot before. I know how it feels," he told NewsChannel 5 reporter Amy Rao.

Edwards said Jones lied to detectives about what happened that February night in 2007. 

Documents uncovered by NewsChannel 5 reveal Jones told detectives a man he had never met before, Edwards, told him he would take care of things. Then, Jones witnessed Edwards opening fire.

Jones told police Edwards extorted $15,000 from him, telling him he needed to pay for "services rendered."

"I definitely didn't receive no $15,000," Edwards said. "I definitely didn't extort nobody out of no money."

Instead, Edwards said Jones "paid somebody to shoot that club up.  Now, if he wants to tell on somebody he needs to tell on himself and tell them what he actually done."

Edwards said Jones knows the shooter well. Edwards said the shooter is part of a crowd Jones hangs out with in Atlanta.

"He knows they name," Edwards said. "He knows they street name. He needs to tell on them instead of trying to put this on me when he knows I didn't do this and he know I never met him before and he know he don't know me and I don't know him."

So, how did Jones pick Edwards out of a lineup? 

Edwards said a good description from the real culprits made it easy. Edwards has distinct tattoos and an amputated arm.

And, fingering him, Edwards said, was no real threat.   

"He's doing that on purpose so he don't get them caught up," Edwards said. "Now, those people will come get him."

Edwards is in awaiting trial. He said he couldn't remain silent after hearing what Jones told police, which he called a lie just to seal a plea deal that would make him eligible to play in the NFL again. 

"I don't have no reason to lie," he said.

When asked who has a reason to lie, Edwards said, "Somebody who is looking at a multi-million dollar deal."

Jones' agent and attorney Worrick Robinson said Edwards does have reason to lie since he faces three counts of attempted murder.

Robinson adds he is confident in the investigation and evidence gathered by Las Vegas police.

On Thursday, NewsChannel 5 will show where Jones lived in the Midstate. 

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