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Flea, Tick Treatment Could Endanger Your Pet


You think you're protecting your pet, but are you really putting him in danger?

Madison resident Jennifer Croezen remembered when she picked Saki out of the litter.

"She was about the size of the palm of my hand and solid white, teeny tiny polar bear. That was it, I said ‘I don't want to see other ones, I have to have her,'" said Croezen.

Jennifer said her year old Chihuahua was healthy until last Sunday when she applied this product called Bio Spot, a flea ointment. Saki started scratching immediately and it got worse.

"I got up and checked on her and she was panting really hard, her heart racing, bad fever - just not acting right," said Croezen.

A visit to the vet confirmed Croezen's worst fears. The chemicals had attacked Saki on the outside and the inside.

"The red count low - white sky high infection and severe pain by this point and just whining and crying, it was heartbreaking," said Croezen.

The EPA reported more than 44,000 cases of animals having adverse reactions causing them to investigate Bio Spot and other flea and tick products.

"It eventually got to the point we had to give her a blood transfusion because her red blood cell count had dropped so low," said Croezen.

Professionals warned not to use the pesticide permethrin on pets.

"If you see any product that's labeled with permethrin, it's safe to probably avoid that product," said Murphy Road Animal Hospital Veterinarian Dr. Bruce Graves.

In a statement released to NewsChannel5 from Farnam, the maker of Bio Spot said "In a recent review of reported adverse reactions to our topical products, cats and dogs showed no adverse effects in over 99.95 percent of applications."
Statement from Central Life Sciences

As for Croezen she hoped Saki will have a full recovery.

"He told me this could go on for months; a battle for months if we can save her - it's scary," said Croezen.

The EPA was not telling pet owners to stop using these products, but talk to your vet before using one.
EPA's press release regarding their investigation

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