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MTSU Student Accused Of Assaulting Preacher


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - Witnesses said a religious demonstrator incited an all-out riot in the middle of the MTSU campus. In the conflict, Michaela Morales claims she was sexually assaulted, and she was the one arrested.

Morales, a junior at MTSU, insists she was merely trying to break-up a fight when she wound-up tangling with a man named Don McGlone - an evangelist, turned antagonist, according to witnesses.

"It was getting scary," said eyewitness and Morales's boyfriend George Vasquez. "He was being very offensive to everybody."

On the section of campus known as the Knoll, eyewitnesses said Don McGlone was not preaching and much as he was reaching.

"He called me a homo man, a sissy and a faggot," said MTSU student and eyewitness Zak Craft.

Morales, a 23-year-old student from Bethpage, was arrested and charged by campus police.  

"From what we saw, we felt that she crossed the line," said Lt. Jim Fanguy, MTSU police department. "She was making comments that she was being inappropriately touched. However, the video showed otherwise."

Investigators said cell phone video of the scuffle shows Morales shoving the preacher man, who toppled from his makeshift platform.

"In all reality, I'm not a volatile person. I don't result to violence, but it was ridiculous," said Morales. "I didn't do anything wrong."

Morales is charged with assault, but spectators corroborate her claim that she is a victim.

"I saw him fall, but I heard her say multiple times, 'don't touch me there,'" said Craft.

"He continued to push and wave his arm, which of course he's going to brush her breast, and put his elbow on her breast. She said ‘don't put your elbow on my breast, now you are sexually assaulting me,'" said Vasquez.

MTSU confirms Don McGlone, with the group "Pinpoint Evangelism," did have the appropriate permit to be on-campus Tuesday afternoon.

For his fall, McGlone was treated in the emergency room, and released and doing just fine.

Michaela Morales bonded out of the Rutherford County jail just Tuesday evening. She has a December court date for the assault charge.

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