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Video Claims Terrorists Train In Tennessee Community


By Nick Beres

DOVER, Tenn. - There is a Muslim community in rural middle Tennessee called Islamville. Some believe it is a secret Islamic terrorist training camp. Others have said that's simply not true. In a NewsChannel 5 Exclusive Special Report, Nick Beres went looking for the truth.

Islamville is located in rural Stewart County just outside Dover, Tenn., and it - along with some 35 similar communities across the country - has been the basis for a nationally-distributed video called the Homegrown Jihad.

"Overwhelming the vast majority of the Muslim organizations inside the United States are affiliated with terrorist groups overseas," claims the narrator on the video Homegrown Jihad.

The video was produced by PRB Films and the Christian Action Network. It alleges that these remote compounds recruit and train Muslim extremists here in America. 

The video includes footage of alleged recruits training in guerrilla warfare. The exact origin of some of the footage is not always clear. It shows people learning such things as hand-to-hand combat and the use of explosives.

Maury Davis of Cornerstone Church in Madison is among a growing number of pastors who have viewed Homegrown Jihad.

"The things you see are people not only declaring animosity to the nation, but you see training of people on how to take a human life," Davis said.

Rashed Fakhruddin with the Islamic Center in Nashville is familiar with the Muslim compound near Dover.

"The reality? We are a very peace-loving community. We don't want to bother anyone. We want to protect our faith and co-exist with our neighbors," Fakhrudein said.

Fakhrudein objects to the allegations made in the video Homegrown Jihad. 

"It is harmful. It just breeds hatred and mistrust," Fakhrudein said.

Fakhrudein also said those living at Islamville are no different than other groups who choose to live off on their own. Often for personal reasons that he said have nothing to do with terrorism.

Is it fair for the video Homegrown Jihad to single out the Muslims living quietly near Dover? The video does not show any footage from inside the compound. Those who live there are quiet and keep to themselves.

"If people hide behind walls of a closed community it lends itself to concern," Davis said.

So what really goes on there?

NewsChannel 5's Nick Beres is the first reporter to make it on to the grounds of Islamville with a camera. Discover what he found in part two of NewsChannel5's Exclusive Special Report.

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