Luminaries Lit To Honor Battle Of Franklin Soldiers

FRANKLIN, Tenn. - Luminaries were lit in Franklin in honor of the many soldiers' lives lost in the Battle of Franklin.

Luminaries lined the streets of Columbia Pike along the Federal line Wednesday night where so many of the battle's casualties occurred.

Visitors could walk along the luminaries as the names were read one by one.

It was the 6th year for the ceremony, but Wednesday night's experience was different.

"The battle was fought on a Wednesday; so it's a Wednesday. Obviously it's November 30th.  It's about 60 degrees, clear, which it was that day. And it's a day past new moon, which it was in 1864. So its almost exactly like the day and evening of the battle without the terrble conflict itself," said Eric Jacobson.

The battle of Franklin occurred 152 years ago.

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