Ring of Faith

Ring of Faith is an uplifting TV show, featuring three rounds with reality TV star Anthony Brent Cooper and his charismatic wife, Leeann.

Their witty banter and grounded wisdom make this show both entertaining and revelatory to listeners of all ages. Inspiring testimonies and weekly training tips motivate you to get in shape spiritually and challenge you to soar to new heights in your relationships with God and others. This show is a real KNOCKOUT!

The Ring of Faith currently airs on WTVF-TV, NewsChannel 5+ in Nashville, Tennessee and WHTN-CTN, Channel 39. WTVF currently reaches over 640,000 cable subscribers, in addition to many others via satellite, all over Middle Tennessee as well as Southern Kentucky and Northern Alabama. WHTN reaches over 792,000 TV subscribers. 

Ring of Faith airs on NewsChannel5+ Sunday's at 8 a.m.


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