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Rutherford Co. Begins Electronic Recycling Program


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - Some big changes are on the way to Rutherford County's recycling program. Next week, the county will begin accepting electronic waste.

The county's solid waste director admits the county needs to put more of an emphasis on recycling. Dealing with electronic waste is one of the first steps.

Under the new plan, anything you own that has an electric plug can be recycled.

"Me and my roommates try to recycle about once a week," says Laura Bosi, a student at Middle Tennessee State University.

Laura and her roommates want to lessen the load on the landfill. For them all it takes is a trip to the Rutherford County Recycling Center.

"Plastic, cardboard, glass containers, steel... everything," says Laura.

Laura's attitude is the type Rutherford County's solid waste director Mac Nolen wants to see more of.

"That's the big hope that we're going to try to take some of these things out and re-use them," says Nolen.

Rutherford County is on the verge of accepting another set of items - electronic waste.

"TVs, computer equipment, electronics, telephones, VCRs - those small electronics that really should not be landfilled - that's what we're hoping to take here," says Nolen.

Starting next week on Tuesdays and Saturdays, residents will be able to drop off electronics at the Haley Road recycling site.

"We all have it. We all have stuff that we've had forever. What are we going to do with it," says Brian Hongsermeier, owner of Azzo Computers.

Hongsermeier supports the county's push for electronic recycling.

"This metal can be recycled. It can be re-constituted into something else," he says.

He recommends removing the hard drive before handing your computer over to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.

"Take the drive, put it away or run a drill through it - or bash it with a hammer," says Hongsermeier.

For some, recycling electronics seemed unimaginable.

"It's something I definitely just would have put in the trash," says Laura Bosi.

Now that she can, Laura plans on including those unwanted electronics in her weekly recycling runs.

The electronic recycling program is completely free. To kick off the new program, Rutherford County will only accept those items two times a week.

Starting next week, people can drop off electronics at the Haley Road recycling center Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Eventually the county plans on accepting electronics five days a week,

On electronics recycling days, Rutherford County will have workers on site to help residents unload heavy items.

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