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Odds Of Having Home Broken Into On The Rise


NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Home burglaries are up this year in Nashville, and police are not sure why. They said many of the break-ins could have been prevented.

Kerry Ingram's home in East Nashville has been hit twice in the last month.

"I think two weeks ago on a Monday," said Ingram.

They took a weed eater and a blower. Ingram said the break-in of the garage does not bother him as much as the one in the house.

"Hadn't got back into the house because I've put a double lock on it and changed the locks," said Ingram.

He said homeowner's insurance will take care of the rest.

"The back door was kicked in and they came in the house threw a bunch of stuff around, stole some stuff," said Ingram.

Ingram said he had never had trouble before.

"All my life there has been people in and out and we've never been bothered until the other day and it just happened no one was here that day," said Ingram.

Metro Police Sergeant Dan Ogren said home burglaries are over from last year.

"We're seeing an increase," said Ogren. "We don't like our normal numbers. We get 8 to 9 a week. We're seeing about a dozen or more - 15."

There were more than 2,500 break-ins during the first half of last year compared to more than 2,700 this year.

Police said many of them could have been prevented.

"It's not that hard to break into a house to start with, and there are a lot of things we can do to at least try to make it more difficult - that alarm system and locking doors and windows," said Ogren.

Sometimes avoiding a break-in is impossible. In fact, police said a home belonging to Governor Phil Bredesen's son was burglarized on Wednesday.

Investigators said be prepared just in case. They encourage everyone to write down the serial numbers of all of their valuables.
Record of valuable property form

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