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Shelby GOP Chair Calls On Stanley To Resign

State Sen. Paul Stanley State Sen. Paul Stanley

State Sen. Paul Stanley now faces a call from within his own party to resign.

It comes after an extortion case revealed an affair between the Memphis Republican and a young legislative intern.

The call comes from the Republican Party chairman in Stanley's own county.

Over the weekend, state leaders said Stanley needed to consult with his constituents to figure out whether to stay or go. And, almost on cue, we now have this call.

The 47-year-old Stanley hasn't been seen since news broke six days ago about the affair with his 22-year-old intern, McKensie Morrison.

Shelby County party chairman Lange Wiseman released the following statement:

"We are all obviously disappointed in the revelations of the past week involving Senator Paul Stanley. He was and is our friend, and we must not forget that he managed over the years to accomplish many great things on behalf of his constituents. However, as more and more details continue to surface, it is clear that the time has come for Paul to resign his seat in the Senate.

"Many who have opposed Senator Stanley's politics seem to be taking pleasure in the irony of some of Paul's public positions as compared to his private failures. Such thinking is crass, objectionable, and misguided. Indeed, all of us fall short even of our most genuine hopes and aspirations. However, that should not somehow deter us from seeking policy that reflects our better nature. Thankfully, the quest for perfect law does not require perfect men.

"Notwithstanding, there are certain basic standards that we require of those persons we hold up as our leaders, and we have every right to expect that they will respect their position of honor. It is for this reason that the time has come for Senator Stanley to do the honorable thing and step aside for the benefit of himself, his family, his Senate colleagues, his Party, and the voters of District 31. Understand that the call for Paul's resignation is not about moralizing. We all deserve the chance for forgiveness if sought with a contrite and repentant heart. However, forgiveness is not the same thing as freedom from consequence.

"I take this stand with full understanding that Senator Stanley's resignation might diminish the influence of our Party over the short term. Indeed, based on recent experience our newly Democrat-controlled County Commission may ultimately view this unfortunate episode through the lens of political opportunism, and again violate tradition and commonsense notions of fairness by appointing a Democrat to fill a seat in a heavily dominated Republican district. Having said that, some principles are not worth compromising, and we as Republicans understand that demanding integrity sometimes commands a high price. While all due care must be taken with respect to the timing of Paul's resignation in order to avoid adding insult to injury to the people of District 31, and to minimize the impact on the taxpayer, the time has come for this spectacle to end. Indeed, we have been in close contact with the Senate leadership over the past several days, and they have been working faithfully and diligently to secure a conclusion to these unfortunate events. Our thoughts are with Paul and his wife and children. We hope and pray that God will offer them comfort and peace in these difficult times."

NewsChannel 5 political analyst Pat Nolan says Wiseman's statement could be the first step.

"Now that this has come out perhaps this is an indication -- we'll see -- that there is going to be an effort locally down in Shelby County to get him to resign and leave, which we had not seen until now," Nolan added.

And, we've also heard for the first time from McKensie Morrison's family.

Her father tells NewsChannel 5's chief investigative reporter Phil Williams, "This is a family matter, and it will be addressed accordingly."

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