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Investors Swindled Will Have Voices Heard In Court Thursday


NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Earlier this year, Gordon Grigg of Franklin pleaded guilty to fraud charges surrounding an elaborate Ponzi scheme. Investors who were swindled out of millions will have their voices heard.

Two of the victims were taken in on a promise to make nearly double digit returns on their investments. They soon found out that was just an empty promise.

Thursday afternoon, inside Nashville's federal courthouse, the two men will go before a judge and tell their story.

"We want her to see that we're real people and we are hurt," said victim Steve Wieland. "You work your entire life. I'll be 60 years old in October. What am I going to do?"

Wieland and Branko Lukich only met face to face hours earlier forced into friendship by Gordon Grigg.

"He's a thief, he's a con-artist," said Wieland. "He deserves it. He's a criminal. He's an evil man."

The men gave most of their life savings to Grigg so he could invest their money. He did so under the name Pro-Trust Investments even had statements to prove what he was doing. The money really went into Grigg's back-pocket.

"I called Schwab, they had no idea what this guy was talking about. It was just computer generated - all phony," said Lukich.

The worthless paper trail led right to a Ponzi scheme.

"His nickname was Tennessee's mini-Madoff," said Lukich.

The Federal government estimated Grigg swindled $6.5 million from 27 people in several states. 

"Then when the economy went downhill and everybody tightened up their investments, he had no one else to flim-flam," said Lukich.

The men will be inside the Federal courtroom when a judge sentences Grigg and they hope he gets the maximum sentence.

Grigg could get anywhere from 8 to 20 years. There is also a chance the judge could order Grigg to payback his victims.

Grigg's investment firm was based out of his Franklin home. He had at least half dozen victims who were from Tennessee. Grigg is married to Branko Lukich's niece.

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