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Tow Truck Driver Arrested, Has Strong Words For Officer


NewsChannel 5 Investigates found a videotape you have to see to believe. It shows a towing company employee threatening to tow as many cars as he can -- even if they're legally parked.

Investigative reporter Ben Hall showed the tape, but be warned of some of the strong language.

"I am Bo Allen. I am that motherf----- that tows here," said William Bo Allen.

Allen's profanity-laced tirade took place in the back of a police car on the way to jail.

"You ain't seen s--- cause, when I bond out tonight, I'm towing every f------ thing in Vanderbilt's district," Allen continued.

His threat to tow cars began on a stormy night in June when Vanderbilt police pulled him over for driving without his lights on.

Allen lied about who he was, so police arrested him for criminal impersonation, but he did not cooperate.

"I know the law," said Allen.

"Obviously, you don't sir [because] you are under arrest right now," said the officer.

Allen was a tow truck driver for Able Towing Company until the wrecker board refused to renew his license in 2006.

"Just tell the wrecker board and Metro to kiss my motherf------- a--.  I'm here to f------- tow cars.  I will be here," said Allen.

Allen said he drives his truck around Nashville and finds cars for Able to tow.

"I'm towing every f------ car on West End, and I dare y'all to say something about it cause I authorize the tows out here," said Allen.

By law, he's not allowed to authorize tows because he's worked for the company. In fact, the board that regulates the towing companies revoked Able Towing's license earlier this year. 

"There will be no mercy on any vehicle. I don't give a f---- if it's an emergency ambulance vehicle it will be towed tonight, buddy," said Allen.

A NewsChannel 5 investigation discovered the company was not getting proper authorization to tow. The company then started booting cars. They booted so many that the Metro Council passed a law making booting illegal.

The tirade on West End was not the first time Allen had been in trouble with the law. He had a conviction for assault in 2005.

"It's something you don't expect from someone towing your car," said motorist Eric Stansell.

Stansell claimed Allen attacked him one week before the arrest on West End. The attack occurred while Able was trying to tow Stansell's car.

"While I was trying to pull the car into drive, he would pull it back, and he was holding me down with this forearm against my head and my throat -- you know, hitting me like that," said Stansell.

Stansell and another attorney are suing Allen and Able Towing.

"At some point, someone like me needs to step up and say enough is enough," said Stansell.

Luckily, Metro has no record of Allen following through on his many threats, but he made it clear he was not going anywhere.

"You might as well get it through your d--- heads you couldn't stop us in the last eight years you ain't never going to f------ stop us," said Allen.

A Davidson County judge finally allowed Metro to shut down Able Towing once and for all last month.

The very first week of that order Metro cited the company two times for operating without a license.

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