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Attorney: Mosque Board Member Has Ties To Terrorists

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by Kim Gebbia

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - The Murfreesboro mosque hearing continued again Thursday with the prosecution attempting to prove a board member of the mosque has ties to terrorists.

The plaintiffs called in a web search specialist to the stand. The specialist attempted to show various internet links, blogs and websites that would link one of the board members to the Hamas terrorist group and extremist views.

County Attorneys called it "here say" and tried to put a stop to the exhibits presented by witness Timothy Cummings. Cummings was hired by the plaintiffs to show a link between mosque board member Masaab Rowash and terrorist organizations.

Attorney Tom Smith defended the witness when he said that they are offering up his testimony and web research since the citizens don't have the FBI to do any terrorist background research for them.

"If they want to subpoena someone from the federal agencies, they had their expert, the undersecretary in here three weeks ago. Why don't they subpoena someone from the US Government to get up here who is involved in intelligence and terrorism and let them testify about that?" the county's attorney Josh McCreary responded. "They've had an opportunity to do that and they are trying to backdoor this thing, your honor."

The judge allowed the self-described web search expert to present his findings on Rowash, specifically what he allegedly posted then later removed from his MySpace page once the mosque controversy began.

Cummings showed the courtroom several documents and pro Hamas pictures, a photo of the twin towers saying that attack was inside job, and also a contract pledging to help Palestine and jihad. But, the documents presented weren't from Rowash's MySpace page. They were from third party blogs or websites that claimed this information was once on his page.

Most of the images came from a video clip found on a separate website. It was posted from an unknown source and narrated by an unknown male voice.

"That was from a website that I found that was embedded in the website," said Cummings.

"But you don't know who that is you have no idea who that person is?" McCready replied.

"I have no idea," Cummings responded.,

County Attorneys said the whole purpose of this hearing has been muddled in pointless information and that Cummings' Google search exhibit added nothing to case.

"Did you know this case is about a site plan?" McCreary asked Cumming.

"I did not know that was the specifics of the case," Cummings answered.

The plaintiffs are suing the county, claiming proper notice wasn't given for a meeting at which a site plan for the mosque was approved.

The hearing is expected to continue on Friday. Every day the hearing continues, it costs Rutherford County taxpayers money. The legal fees for two lawyers for the five days in court have already topped $20,000.


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