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Montgomery County Mom Says Needle Found In Candy

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by Kim Gebbia

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Tenn.- It's been written off as urban legend: parents who find sharp objects in their kids' Halloween candy. 

But for one Montgomery County mom, it was realityTuesday when she found a two-inch needle in a candy bar wrapper.

"There is just no sense in it that someone could be that vindictive and nasty to children," said Julia Swift who found the needle in her 12 year old daughter's candy. She spent the morning  breaking apart the remainder of the candy pieces, searching for more sharp objects.

"The hard candy I will kept for her but anything soft is going into the trash I am not taking any chances," said Swift.

She discovered the two inch sewing needle inside a Snickers wrapper on the floor. She was cleaning them up after her dogs got into the candy stash. When she realized what was inside the wrapper she said she began crying. It was sticky and covered in caramel and chocolate and she has never seen a needle like it before. 

"I don't even use these kind of needles so I know it didn't come from inside this house," said Swift.

Swift believes it came from a Halloween reveler with a sick sense of humor who tainted a treat with a dangerous trick.

"It could have killed them, done some serious damage or killed him, I'm sorry I just keep thinking about her swallowing something like this and it's just terrifying," said Swift.

Swift and her daughter were trick or treating here on Wagon Trail Drive in the Woodlawn community in Clarksville. Police said no similar incidents have been reported, but Swift still believes all parents should check their kids candy tonight.

"I think anybody who has anything chocolate or soft who live in that area should just throw it away," said Swift.

The first thing she did when she found that candy was call her daughter's middle school since she had taken some with her to class. School officials alerted the 12 year old who threw the candy away.

Swift says next year they will just have a party instead of going door to door.

Swift did file a police report with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department and deputies said there is nothing they can do unless additional reports are filed. 


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