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Hundreds of Pro-Vegetarian Signs Ruin $1,000 Worth Of Meat

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By Adam Ghassemi

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. – As a manager, Francisca Nunez, knows you can see just about anything imaginable working at a convenience store. But on Thanksgiving she and other employees found the same thing plastered on anything meat.

"Like on the beef product, all the beef. We were finding like in the boxes and stuff," Nunez said.

That's why she and other employees were shocked to find hundreds of 1 in. by 1 in. pieces of a paper all with the same message.

"Save Lives Go Vegetarian," she read.

The problem is many were stapled through packages, meaning they had to be thrown away.

"The product has already been opened. It has holes in It so we won't be able to open… to sell it to anybody. Yeah, for their safety," said Nunez.

The only thing worse than having to go through almost the entire store and toss nearly $1,000 worth of food? Learning who they believe is behind it.

"But never coming from an employee," she explained. "That's what's more shocking."

Owners of the T-Mart on North Willow Avenue say a former employee of five years got a new job and was supposed to work his last shift last Thursday, but decided to make a grand exit.

"It wouldn't really be as bad as you think if he only did it to some stuff, but he did it to everything, all of it, everything that has to do with meats down the aisle. He did it to everything," Nunez said.

He left them with a huge mess, lots of waste and a story of the craziest thing they've ever seen happen at work. "If he wanted attention than he obviously, he got it," she said.

Cookeville Police have not charged the former employee, and according to the police report to get paid back for the lost inventory the store's owners would have to take him to court.


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