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RECIPE # 4743 - CHOCOLATE SNOWBALL GANACHE MOUSSE - Monday, December 12, 2011

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Ganache Ingredients:

1 Qt Heavy Cream

2 lbs. Chocolate – semi-sweet  baker's chocolate cut into pieces or use chocolate chips

Bring heavy cream to a boil on high heat until it rises in the sauce pan.  Do not let it boil over the pan.  Remove from stove and pour hot cream into the bowl of chocolate pieces.  Stir with whisk until blended and has a shiny look to it.  Set aside to cool.  Do not put in refrigerator to cool. You will use part of the ganache to make the mousse filling, and the rest as you layer the dessert. 

Mousse Ingredients:

2 large containers of  ready-made Whipped Topping or a 2lb commercial brand of Whipped Topping such as Rich's.

1 to 2 cups Ganache, (recipe above) depending on taste

Place whipped topping in a bowl and whip with mixer until firm.  (For this recipe, do not make your own whipped cream from heavy whipping cream, the prepared whipped topping or the commercial kind is better for this recipe.)

Once whipped topping is firm, fold in room temperature ganache mixture by hand.  If you like a strong chocolate flavor, add up to 2 cups of ganache, if you like a lighter mousse, add 1 cup of ganache mixture. Mix until blended.

Chocolate Cake Ingredients:

1 box of Chocolate cake mix

Make cake batter according to package directions, pour into a cookie sheet and make the cake no more than an inch thick.  Cook according to package directions.

Once cake is cool, use a round cookie cutter or a round glass to cut the cake into circles based on the size and shape of your serving pieces.  If you're serving in individual parfait glasses or bowls, the circles should be no larger than the bottom of the glass or bowl. If you are using a dessert plate, cake circles should fill half the plate.

 Place cake circles in your desired containers. Layer about ½ cup of the mousse mixture on top of the cake circles, using a 4oz ice cream scoop or a pastry bag. Pour some of the remaining liquid ganache mixture on top of the mousse on each dessert, completely covering the mousse.  Serve immediately, or store in refrigerator until time to serve.  

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