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Man Resurrects Moonshine Maker's Legacy

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by Amanda Hara

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Instead of going to jail for making moonshine, Tennessee legend Popcorn Sutton committed suicide.  But not before leaving behind his secret recipe.  His apprentice is breathing life into Sutton's legendary moonshine right here in Music City.

From the winding hills of East Tennessee where pockets of shade once protected moonshine, to a top secret still in Nashville now guarded by trains; Popcorn Sutton is one legend that will never die no matter where his Moonshine goes.

"Popcorn was real.  Popcorn was the last guy really doing it the way whiskey was supposed to be made, third generation. And for whatever crazy reason picked me to carry that legacy on," said apprentice Jamey Grosser.

Sutton is well known as one of the last real moonshiners of Tennessee.

But when the federal government sentenced him to prison for illegal whiskey production, Sutton ended his life before jail ever could.

"Popcorn was a guy that lived life on his own terms, he wasn't going to have anybody tell him what to do and he decided to take his own life," said Grosser.

Sutton committed suicide and left his recipe to apprentice Jamey Grosser who's now making good on Sutton's dreams.

"It was Popcorn and my dream to have a legal whiskey distillery so to have it up and running now it's been pretty amazing over the last couple of years,"said Grosser.

Tucked away in a top secret spot Popcorn Sutton's Moonshine is finally legal.

In downtown Nashville, the owners of Bootlegger's Inn pay homage to the old man.  While they said the silky smooth sip is like nothing else, it's actually the story behind the shine that really sells the drink.

Jeff Walton is a Partner at Bootlegger's Inn.

"People like to hear a story they like to hear a bit of history they're usually fascinated by it it's a good way for them to interact with customers and sell the product," he said.

But if you ask Jamey Grosser, it's not just about the product. He will tell you that each jar that's bottled and sold comes with a taste of a true Tennessee Legend.

"He was really the last of a lifestyle almost that was forgotten but should always be remembered and we hope to carry that on and tell people about it," Grosser said.

Jamey Grosser is sharing his story on the Discovery Channel's show, Moonshiners.
The white whiskey is available all across Tennessee.


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