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Accused Meth Maker Caught Cooking Again

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by Kim Gebbia

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn-  A man charged with blowing up his own home Saturday in a meth lab gone wrong didn't lay low or stay away from the dangerous drug, police said he instead moved the meth making operation right next door.

Police arrested 39-year-old Chris Miller just feet away from his meth exploded home. They said he took refuge in crawl space of an empty house next door after disappearing from his own home on Marla Drive when it exploded on Saturday.

A neighbor's tip on Tuesday led police to Miller.

"To have that house explode and then go next door is ridiculous," said one nearby resident.

But drug agents said, what was even more ridiculous was what they found with Miller.

"We recovered two one pots and a gasser lid to a meth gasser," said Drug Agent Jesse Reynolds.

They found Miller cooking more of the dangerous drug that blew up his own house just 48 hours ago.

"It's kind of one of those things that makes you realize you never really know your neighbors at all," said another Marla Drive resident. 

NewsChannel5 asked Miller himself for an explanation, "I wasn't inside either house this morning. I was in the back on the deck because my friend called me and told me to get some stuff from under his house that was mine," he said from the back of a Clarksville Police car.

But Reynolds said it's the lies of a addict.

"There is nothing in this house except for his stuff which he took out of his house since it burned up," said Reynolds.

Drug agents found bags of Miller's contaminated clothing in the backyard and two 'one-pots' in the drain crawl space underneath the empty house.

This marks the second home in two days now labeled a meth lab. Officers said it's all because of one persons's bad habit. A habit made possible by the over the counter drug pseudoephedrine.

"Until we make the pseudoephedrine prescription illegal we are going to keep having this problem.  The implex system that took place January first apparently is not working." said Reynolds.

But Miller claimed that he is innocent and that police arrested the wrong person. Reynolds isn't sold on that.

"He is making meth, buying pseudoephedrine.  He had it in his pocket. His house burned up. We have meth lab components inside his house. I don't see how we have the wrong person," he said.

There was some concern from parents on Marla Drive that the bus stop for kids is too close to these now two homes. A representative from the school system told NewsChannel5 that  they have spoken with police who said it is not putting kids in danger and the bus stop will remain in the same location.

Miller was booked Tuesday for an outstanding warrant, and drug charges are pending.


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