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Love Your Face -- February 6, 2012 -- Dr. Deborah Sherman

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TOPIC: Love Your Face
Deborah D. Sherman M.D., oculoplastic surgeon
Saint Thomas Hospital                  
Monday, February 6, 2012

As Valentine's Day approaches, love is in the air and we are all trying to look our best for that special someone in our lives. But today's active women and men want to look refreshed with the emphasis on a natural result, hopefully achieved in one office visit!

Dr Deborah Sherman is here to discuss how you can Love your face with the latest techniques in facial rejuvenation.

Being comfortable with how you look makes a big difference in how you see the world and live your life.  A natural and refreshed look allows you to put your best face forward, and interact with the world with confidence and beauty. At the Sherman Aesthetic Center, we create for you that fresh and natural look.

Thanks to advances in technology in cosmetic procedures, there are many options for a busy person on the go to enhance their look with little downtime. Dr. Sherman and the Sherman Aesthetic Center offer a full spectrum of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic options for rejuvenation. These procedures are safer than ever and the results are not only pleasing, but confidence inspiring.

Today we will explore both surgical and nonsurgical possibilities for turning back the hands of time with one of Nashville's leading experts, Dr. Deborah Sherman. Dr. Sherman is an Eye Plastic Surgeon, who is Board Certified and Fellowship trained, and practices at Saint Thomas Hospital in the Nashville Eye Center.

What is an Oculoplastic or Eye Plastic Surgeon and what surgical procedures do you perform?

Dr. Sherman will explain her training background and discuss functional plastic (covered by insurance) as well as cosmetic plastic surgery (not covered by insurance) around the eyes. 


We hear more and more that people are choosing less invasive "lunchtime" cosmetic procedures, Dr. Sherman will discuss the advancing trends, and tell us the most popular cosmetic procedures that people are choosing to rejuvenate their face.


Botox Cosmetic

Dr Sherman will explain Botox Cosmetic, how it works to treat the number "11" between the brows as well as other areas of face including the crow's feet area. She will also discuss: Is Botox a poison?  Is Botox safe?

Will a Botox treatment look natural or frozen?

Are there other treatments that compete with Botox?

Botox is for the number "11" between the brows; however, lines around the mouth can get deeper with age. How can these lines be treated?

Dermal Fillers

Dr. Sherman will explain the lines are called "parentheses" and how they are 'sinking' lines and are best treated with fillers. She will also discuss the "Liquid Lift", a combination of treatments that lift the face.


Dr. Sherman classifies wrinkles in three different categories and will explain the different types; as well as treating the wrinkles for a natural look and not one that is overdone?

Sinkers, Squeezers and Saggers

The 3 different types of wrinkles:

In order to get a natural look, one has identify the type of wrinkle and treat the wrinkle according to the cause to gain the best result.



Many women and also, men, for that matter, are bothered by red and brown spots on their faces and bodies that make them look old—what are the treatment options for them? Dr. Sherman will answer and explain role of lasers, light therapies, chemical peels, and topical skin creams that help to purify skin and to achieve a more youthful look.


Dr Sherman will discuss the latest research regarding how lashes change with time and the different treatment options that exist for lash growth, including guidelines for proper use of Latisse and the advantages and disadvantages of all lash treatment options.

 To reach Dr. Sherman for an appointment or consultation:


Dr. Deborah Sherman

Sherman Aesthetic and Laser Center

4309 Harding Rd, Suite 106

Nashville, Tennessee 


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