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    Holly Bobo Kidnapping, Murder Coverage

    Holly Bobo was last reported being seen on April 13, 2011, when her brother told police he saw a man wearing camouflage lead her into the woods. A grand jury has indicted Zachary Rye Adams for her kidnapping and murder.
    Holly Bobo was last reported being seen on April 13, 2011, when her brother told police he saw a man wearing camouflage lead her into the woods. A grand jury has indicted Zachary Rye Adams for her kidnapping and murder. more>>

TBI Gets High Number Of Psychic Tips In Holly Bobo Case

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by Jennifer Kraus

Investigative Reporter

PARSONS, Tenn. - Holly Bobo vanished last April supposedly after she was led into the woods behind her home in Decatur County.

Many have been involved in the search to bring the missing nursing student home, including many psychics.

For more than 10 months now, they have searched for Holly Bobo.

Yet, as the one-year anniversary of her disappearance draws nearer, the pink ribbons still line the streets of Parsons, right next to the missing posters with her smiling face.

Long-time family friend Tammy White says, "We just want her back."

And while it's understandable that those who know and love Holly are focused on finding her, interestingly, we found, many psychics have also been caught up in the search.

The TBI's Kristin Helm told NewsChannel5 Investigates, "We've received psychic leads from all across the country and even from out of the country, from as far away as Belgium or Hungary."

Helm says the TBI has gotten more than 150 tips from psychics or people who have consulted with them. Many more than most cases.

"They call and say, 'I know where she's at,'" Tammy White shared with NewsChannel5 Investigates.

White says the Bobos themselves regularly hear from psychics who claim to know what happened.

"They get excited because they think, 'Well, maybe this will be the tip that I need to find Holly.'"

Holly's case, we also found, has generated a lot of interest on websites like PsychicCrimefighter.com where people who claim to have psychic powers share their visions of Holly and theories about her disappearance.

NewsChannel5 Investigates asked the TBI's Helm, "So all of these psychics have tried to help. Have any of their tips panned out?"

Helm's response, "No one."

Helm makes it clear the TBI does not work with psychics, but agents do end up spending a lot of time checking out leads from them, leads, she says, that don't give investigators much to work with.

"They're very cryptic. They're full of visions, dreams, thoughts, strange places. And, it's always very vague," Helm says.

Nashville psychic Wendy Higheagle did not call in a tip to the TBI. But, someone who asked for her read on the Bobo case did. And, when NewsChannel5 Investigates handed Higheagle Holly's picture, she said it all suddenly came back to her.

"She got sold into human trafficking. That's what it was," Higheagle recalled.

Higheagle says she gets her information from tarot cards and claims her readings are 97% accurate. She then offered to see what her cards said about Holly. But the information she shared with NewsChannel5 Investigates was probably not what investigators would consider very useful.

After she spread her cards on the table in front of her, she pointed to one card, "This is the world card. Usually when you get this card, it means the person has been taken out of the country."

Later, when asked why many psychics such as herself couldn't provide any specifics, she explained, "I have to tell you, in 20 years, I've only met three that could tell me anything accurate or useful. And the others, I'm sure, they're nice people. But, I really don't think they're genuine psychics."

Bobo family friend Tammy White says, "There's not been anything that a psychic's given them that's panned out."

White says the psychic leads have been nothing but wild goose chases and more heartache for the family.

"It just really takes your attention off the main focus which is finding Holly."

NewsChannel5 Investigates asked the TBI spokeswoman, "What are they after?"

Helm responded, "Money usually. A lot of times they'll want law enforcement to fly them into the area so they can help. They'll want to charge people in the community or charge the victim's family for their services."

NewsChannel5 Investigates asked Tammy White, "Do you believe Holly will come home?"

"I do," she replied.

"Do you think a psychic will help bring her home?"

"No," she said emphatically. "It'll be our God."

White says Holly's family has stopped taking calls from psychics, but they still keep hoping someone with real information will make the call that finally brings Holly home.

She adds, "Her being out there and not knowing where she's at, it's really hard. And we just don't want people to forget til she gets home."

The TBI really can't do much with the tips they get from visions and dreams. But they are still very interested in getting any credible, factual information that any one has that will lead to either evidence in the case or, of course, Holly herself.

The family just had flyers printed up with pictures of Holly, the reward amount which just recently was increased to 250-thousand dollars. And, the number to call if you have information. That's 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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