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Psychics Give Tips In High Profile TBI Cases

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by Jennifer Kraus
Investigative Reporter

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Whether you believe in psychics or not, they've played a role in several high profile missing persons cases in this area.

Most recently in the case of Holly Bobo who disappeared last April from her home in Decatur County.

And, psychics were also involved in the Janet March case as well as just in the last few days, the case of Tabitha Tuders.

When someone is missing, psychic Wendy Higheagle said the answers are often in her tarot cards.

"I can tell if they're living or dead. I can tell if they're going to be able to be found," Higheagle shared with NewsChannel 5 Investigates.

It seems whenever someone disappears, the psychics and their visions suddenly appear, eager to help, like in the case of Holly Bobo where the TBI has gotten more than 150 tips from psychics or people who have consulted with them.

TBI spokeswoman Kristin Helm admits, "It is a lot."

And she adds, "Not one psychic lead has helped in this case."

Or in any case, for that matter, Helm said.

Alabama-based psychic Lamont Hamilton told Bo and Debra Tuders last weekend, "I've already been seeing some things that may be significant."

The Tuders were hopeful when they met with Hamilton and invited NewsChannel5 Investigates along.

"Just anything that we can use to try to get her back home," Bo Tuders explained to NewsChannel 5 Investigates.

Hamilton told them, "What I actually do is I work through you. Your energy is what I work with."

The Tuders' daughter, Tabitha, was 13 when she disappeared nine years ago on her way to the school bus. Someone suggested Hamilton might be able to provide some answers. he's not a card reader, but claims he gets directions from God and His angels.

As they began their session, Hamilton explained, "It'll be just like us talking and all I'll do is you'll see me doodling."

Hamilton claims on his website that he knew information in the Caylee Anthony case as well as the Natalie Holloway and Hayley Cummings missing persons cases long before anyone else did, including police.

Hamilton told the Tuders, "The mental image I'm getting, that I've received is, I see somebody and they have two scars. It almost looks like a burn. It's almost in a leaf shape. I feel that there are two people involved in her disappearance that know or are involved with her disappearance. I feel also that it was planned. You're going to get some news this month, some good news. I just feel like she's within 2-3 miles from where your house is."

Hamilton also told the Tuders he's never been to their East Nashville neighborhood, but he described landmarks in Shelby Park and said he felt Tabitha or evidence in her case would be found there and then he made plans to visit the park with them.

He promised, "I can see x-ray through the ground. So if something's there, someone's there, I'll see it."

Former Metro Police Homicide Detective Brad Corcoran said of psychics, "I think they give a lot of hope to families."

Corcoran said he's heard his share of wacky tips from psychics, especially after Janet March, the Forest Hills mother of two disappeared in 1996.

Corcoran recalls, "We had one young woman that requested we bring evidence."

He said they took a pair of March's socks to the woman's house.

"And when she starts rubbing them on her arms and her face, then you realize that you've been hoo-dooed and this is not real."

And then there was the woman who told police she's "seen" Perry March, Janet's husband and prime suspect in the case, driving near the Tennessee/Alabama border. Detectives agreed to drive her there and wound up in a remote wooded area.

Corcoran told NewsChannel 5 Investigates, "She said, 'I'd like to get out and walk. I think if I could walk the area, I could find it easier.'"

NewsChannel 5 Investigates asked, "And then what happened?"

"I have another detective with me and we're watching and all of a sudden, what I guess would be called 'The Worm,' a dance, she starts doing. He said, 'She's convulsing.' And, I said, 'I don't think so.' And we loaded her back up in the car and got back to Nashville as fast as we could cause we knew we'd been taken again. She had no information whatsoever."

Corcoran said not once did they get anything useful from a psychic.

"If they had the information they said they did, we'd have them on staff in every police department," Corcoran adds.

But for every skeptic, there are those who want to believe, like the Tuders.

After their meeting with the psychic last Saturday, Bo Tuders shared, "He seemed like he gave us some good information."

There are also true believers like the psychic Hamilton.

NewsChannel5 Investigates asked him after he met with the Tuders, "How confident are you in what you were seeing?"

He replied, "I'm always 100 percent."

And psychic Wendy Higheagle is another true believer who said the answers are out there if you know where to look.

"Most of the time, my stuff is pretty accurate. From the feedback that I have from clients and other people, I'd put myself right there at 97 percent."

In Tabitha's case, Lamont Hamilton is working with her parents free of charge and said he will continue to until he gets them the answers they want. Whether his information has any merit, at this point, it's hard to say. The Tuders though remain hopeful.

Now this is not the first time the Tuders have spoken to a psychic. They appeared on both the Montel Williams show and Maury Povich show shortly after Tabitha disappeared. One psychic told them Tabitha was dead, while the other said she was alive. They say one psychic seemed to be spot on when it came to describing some of their family members, but really could tell them nothing about Tabitha or what happened to her.

Brad Corcoran, the former detective, said none of the psychic tips ever made a difference in the Janet March case. Of course, her husband, Perry, was sent to prison for killing her, though they never found her body. His father, Arthur March, insisted that they had dumped it in Kentucky. Corcoran, however, said every psychic they talked to said Janet's body was somewhere south of Nashville.

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