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MTSU Roommate Murder Trial Continues Friday

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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. – The trial picked back up Friday morning for the former Middle Tennessee State University freshman accused of murdering her roommate in their off-campus apartment last year.

Shanterrica Madden, 19, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Tina Stewart.

Madden has said she acted in self-defense when she killed the 21-year-old Lady Raiders junior guard during a fight at Raiders Crossing on March 2, 2011.

The first witness to take the stand Friday was Jerry Findley, blood pattern analysis expert. He testified that blood stains from Stewart's bedroom were inconsistent with Madden's statement of what happened that night.

Stewart's boyfriend, KC Anuna, was the he was the one who found her body. He testified Friday morning that he and Tina started dating in 2008, and they saw each other almost every day.

Later, he said that he heard that in January Madden had complained to the office he was staying over at the apartment a lot. He said Madden and Stewart talked about it, and he decided to limit his visits for a while.

He also testified about one time when he and Tina came back to the apartment and smelled marijuana. Tina confronted Madden and asked her not to do it "out of respect for her", he said. Madden agreed.

Anuna said he and Tina had plans to meet for dinner on the night of her death. He said he tried to call her several times, but said it seemed like someone was pressing ignore so he went to her apartment. He said he saw Tina's car in the parking lot and the glare of the TV from her bedroom window.

When Anuna walked to the apartment, he saw Madden on the phone with a duffel bag on her shoulder. He said he went to Tina's room but the lights were off and he didn't see her. He said he asked Madden where she was, she said "she's not in there" but her voice had changed.

He went back to Tina's room with Madden following, turned on the lights, and said he saw Tina laying on her stomach with blood around her. Anuna said he started screaming, and Madden took off.

He testified he took Tina's body in his arms, called 911, and then went after Madden. He was stopped by an officer at the bottom of the stairs and told the officer that Madden had "stabbed my girl".

Anuna said a witness saw Madden crouching by a car, and she was then taken into custody. An officer told him to go check on Tina. He said when he came back down, he saw Madden in handcuffs and asked her why she did it. He said she yelled "I didn't do it" several times.

He later testified that he had planned to propose to Tina after he graduated in May.

"She had already picked out the ring," he said.

Renee Reese, Madden's friend who was in the apartment during the fight between her and Stewart, testified that she and Madden were friends who saw each other almost day. She said that Madden stayed with another of their friends in Corlew, a dorm on MTSU's campus, about three times a week because she "didn't get along with her roommate".

She said on the afternoon of the stabbing, she and Madden got ice cream and bought "weed" on campus. They bought cigarellos and went back to Madden's apartment to smoke.

She said that she and Madden didn't know anyone else was in the apartment until there was a knock at the door, and a cop was there asking about a complaint about smoking. Reese said the cop found ashes and told her to flush the remains and Madden to take the trash out.

Reese then testified that Madden went to Tina's room, knocked, and they argued. She said Shanterrica asked "why didn't you tell me?" and Stewart responded "Well you didn't tell me when you called the office about my boyfriend being here".

Then she said she heard several booms, went to the room and saw the two of them fighting. She ran back to Madden's room, locked the door, and called a friend to pick her up.

Reese said everything was jumbled, that she couldn't recognize voices, and she heard one of them ask someone to call the police.

When Madden came back to the room, she told Reese they had to leave. Reese said she asked where Tina was, and Madden said she had left. She said Madden stuffed a blanket into a plastic garbage bag, and saw a piece of a knife fall onto the floor.

She testified she saw blood on Madden's arm, and Madden said "She cut me". Reese said Madden seemed calm, and she felt uncomfortable in her presence. She said she saw Tina's leg in her bedroom, but didn't know she was dead.

Reese testified she decided to leave, and went outside to call another friend. Madden later came out to talk to her and Reese said she asked if she had told anyone, then asked her not to tell anyone.

She said she made an anonymous call to 911 about 38 minutes after the initial fight, and said she heard a fight. She later saw on Twitter "RIP Tina Stewart" and contacted police to make her statement.

On Thursday afternoon, Charnera Macklin took the stand. Macklin was Stewart's friend who was on the phone with her just before she died.

"I just heard my best friend fighting and the phone went dead. And I was screaming ‘hello, hello, hello'. I got nothing from that, and then it went dead. So at this point, I don't know. I don't know what I'm supposed to feel except something might be wrong," Macklin said.

Macklin said she thought everything was okay when she later received a text message from Stewart.

But testimony showed those texts were from Madden, who reportedly sent them out pretending to be Stewart, after she stabbed her.

Officers also took the stand for the prosecution. They said Madden was surprisingly unemotional about the murder when she was in police custody after her arrest.

Friday night Murfreesboro detective Mike Taylor outlined Madden's taped police interview from March 2, 2011. On tape Madden explained - in a written statement - what went down between the two MTSU students that day, including a phone call she made to her mother.

Late Friday night the prosecution wrapped up the case, but won't officially rest until Saturday morning.

On Saturday, attorney Joe Brandon will make his case for what happened between Shanterrica Madden and Tina Stewart more than a year ago. 

NewsChannel 5+ and will have live gavel to gavel coverage of the trial.

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