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Frequently Asked Questions

I get NewsChannel 5, NewsChannel 5+ and ThisTV over-the-air through an antenna. What should I do to keep my signal during the upgrades?

The only thing you need to do right now is sign up for one or more of our updates for over-the-air viewers.  Just click this link to get information on Facebook, Twitter, or by email.  If you have friends or family with over-the-air TVs, please let them know to sign up as well.

I have cable or satellite service for my TVs. What do I do?

If you get cable from Comcast, Charter, AT&T U-verse, Dish, or Direct TV, you don't have to do a thing. This won't have any impact on you. If you are with a smaller cable company not listed above or have one or more over-the-air sets, you should sign up for the updates.

What is happening?

NewsChannel 5 uses two over-the-air frequencies to get our signal to you. We are making one of them stronger and moving it to a frequency with higher power to make the signal better.

I get NewsChannel 5's signal just fine – why are you making this change?

The FCC, which regulates TV stations, is planning to sell some of the frequencies that TV stations use. When this happens, NewsChannel 5 would likely lose the signal that serves a big part of our viewing area. We are moving to a different frequency to get out of the way of their changes, and keep our signal strong for the future.

When will this happen?

We expect to be making the changes in late July and August of this year. As the date gets closer, we will send out the specifics to everyone signed up for our updates. Click here to sign up for updates.

What will the change mean for me?

You may have to rescan your TV or digital converter box while we are working on the signal, or once our work is finished. If you are signed up for our Facebook, Twitter, or email alerts, we will keep you updated on what to do.

What if I don't have regular access to the internet?

You can call our hotline number and leave your name, phone number, and zip code. The number to call is 615-248-5200.

I don't know how to rescan. Can you help?

Absolutely. As we get closer to the changes, we will give you detailed instructions on how to rescan. It's easy, and typically takes just a couple of minutes. We will be glad to help.

Who do I call for help?

Right now, the only thing you need to do is sign up for updates. As the work begins, we will send you a helpline number to call if you need it. Please use that number only for signal questions.

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