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NRA Members Quit Because Of Maggart “Bullying”

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.- Several life-time members from the National Rifle Association have reportedly resigned because of the NRA's involvement in a heated, State Representative race in Sumner County.

Incumbent Debra Maggart is running against Courtney Rogers. Rogers' campaign has gotten a $100,000 boost from the NRA. On Wednesday, a group of citizens took out a full page ad in the paper telling the NRA to stay out of Sumner County.

"The billboards are absurd," said Mike Fussell.

Fussell believes that the NRA has been wasting their time and money attacking Debra Maggart.

"They have plenty to do in Washington, why are they down in Sumner Co," he asked.

Fussell wanted answers so he called the NRA to register a complaint.

"All I wanted to do was register my complaint - but by the end of the conversation they had mishandled it so badly, I said look I didn't intend to do this but I am resigning my membership to the NRA," he said.

In addition to revoking his membership Fussell has also joined with other local members to take out a full page newspapers ad. He and other believe that the NRA has been "bullying" Maggart with their tactics.

The NRA shelled out a hundred thousand dollars to support Debra Maggart's opponent Courtney Rogers.

 "Rogers has earned an A rating endorsement from the NRA political fund, she served our country for almost 30 years in the military, so she knows first hand the price of freedom," said Chris Cox, with the NRA.

All this started after the NRA says Maggart helped to defeat their key legislative priority of 2012. That was the so called guns in parking lots bill. Essentially it would have allowed gun owners the right to take a firearm with them to work, if they kept it locked up in their car

In his ad Fusell pointed out that Maggart merely wanted to take another look at the piece of legislation next year, because she felt the bill was flawed. He also takes issue with how so-called Washington D-C lobbyists are getting involved in local politics. It's a claim the NRA's Chris Cox disagrees with.

 "I was born and raised in Tennessee - my family's been here for seven generations - so I am very concerned about the leadership in this state," said Cox.

Mike Fussell says there are other NRA members that have also resigned because of what's happened in Sumner County.

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