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Boxelder Bugs Making A Fall Appearance In Tennessee

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by Chris Cannon

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Many people may have noticed a flying black bugs with red markings near their homes. Boxelder bugs make themselves know in the fall.

"Boxelder bugs spend most of the time in the spring and summer up in trees," according to University of Tennessee entomologist Frank Hale.

The Boxelder Bug live on an near Maple trees and look for areas to keep warm when cooler weather moves into the area during the fall.

"They like to aggregate on the sides of foundations of buildings, nice warm areas in the sun, they get under leaves and such," according to Hale.

The bugs do not cause any damage to property, they are more of a nuisance.

"They're just a plant feeding bug, they just happen to like our structures as a nice place to spend the winter," Hale said.

There are several different ways you can remove Boxelder bugs from your property.

"You can used insecticides that are labeled for use on the foundation of the house," Hale said.

But there is a cleaner, less expensive method to get rid of the crunchy bugs.

"Many times I just tell people to get soapy water, get a bucket of it, throw it on them and just suck them up with a shop vac," Hale said.

Boxelder bugs are in the area year-round, but during the cold winter months they hide in cracks and crevices to keep warm.


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