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Study Shows More People Work On Holidays

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by Marcus Washington

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A recent study shows one out of six workers spent Thanksgiving working.

On what seemed like a quiet holiday in Music City, the day was anything but relaxing for a handful of people across several industries.

"The emergency room never closes. Emergencies happen all the time. We have to be here and be ready and we understand that as employees," said Bethany Jones, a registered nurse at Baptist Hospital.

Inside Baptist Hospital's emergency room, Thanksgiving day was just a typical Thursday.

"We've seen everything today from true respiratory and cardiac emergencies to a tooth ache," said Jones. "We have to pick up that slack when some offices, such as a dentist office, may be closed on Thanksgiving or holidays. We stay open to take care of that kind of patient."

The same can be said for both the fire department and Metro police. The job is never ending.

Here's something you may not have thought about, that football game you watched earlier or TV show, was made possible by someone working on Thanksgiving – both at the game and at local stations across the country.

"Somebody is supposed to be in here 24 -7, every day of the year, no matter what," said Nick Grace with NewsChannel 5.

Grace was working in what is called air control, where the video feeds from the game and other CBS programming come into the station.

"We're here providing a service so everybody at home can be entertained on a day like today," said Grace.

He said if no one was monitoring the system in air control, "chances are you would see nothing but black and hear nothing but silence. At a TV station is the worst thing that could happen."

And what is Thanksgiving without the meal? Many people opt for eating out, but that means more people at work.

This year the Murphey family joined many other at Monell's in Germantown and decided to forget the hours preparing and clean-up of dinner.

"We have cooked at home for over 35 years and for the first time, we came out to eat," said Murphey.

Some employees said there was a benefit to it all, either holiday pay or an extra day off.


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