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Antioch Fights Negative Perception

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by Shannon Royster

ANTIOCH, Tenn. - Even Nashville residents who live in Antioch people likely don't have the best impression of the area. 

Mia Drudge of Murexes said,"I heard it used to be a nice area but its kind of gone down hill recently."

Community advocate Fran Bush says that slide started with the Hope VI program that tore down and rebuilt housing projects in the inner city back in 2008.  "So when they tore down the project homes they gave residents vouchers to go somewhere," said Bush.

She said that somewhere was Antioch, and most of those residents stayed put.  Bush said,"When only 30 percent were able to go back home crime went up, businesses left and property values went down."

Sending home buyers and shoppers elsewhere when those businesses never returned.  Target is set to close its doors February 2nd.  "We're resilient.  We're going to stay strong.  We're going to support our businesses that do still exist," said local pastor Keith Vincent.

Vincent said Antioch has now reached a turning point.  Struggling Hickory Hollow Mall has been re branded as the Global Mall at the Crossings.  It is set to re-open in April.

Home sales are also up.  Louis Belote with Fridrich & Clark Realty said," the number of transactions or the number of homes being sold is actually better in 2012 than it was in 2011.  the average number of days on the market is less."

And crime is down more than 15 percent in the South Precinct which includes a large portion of Antioch.  Bush said, "This is not a bad place.  this is an amazing place to be.  Things have changed a whole lot.  It just takes time, and we'll come back."

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