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Neighbors Pull Woman From Burning Home

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by Adam Ghassemi

OAK GROVE, Ky. – A home on Patton Place is now a burned out shell.

Melvin Archuleta, who is visiting family, first noticed it just after midnight Thursday when he went out for a smoke.

"What drew my attention is a window blew out," Archuleta said. "I came over there to see if anybody was there first and I didn't see anybody. So then I came back and told them to call 911."

The fire was growing by the second. The group thought they were hearing explosions until they looked closer.

"I figured like TV and microwave and stuff like that would be exploding," Archuleta said. "It was in all reality was the woman was banging on the window."

The group found blood and shattered glass in a front window that made them realize the woman who lives there was trapped inside. That's when Ashley Brewer, Archuleta's niece, says instinct kicked-in.

"I went around to the garage door and I opened the garage door. The first thing the smoke hit me in my face," Brewer said.

The woman made it out of her burning home, and into the garage before the smoke was just too much. That's when the group knew they had to go in.

"We all went into the garage and we cradled her out. In other words we put her in our arms and cradled and brought her out," Archuleta said.

In all the chaos they weren't sure if the woman's son was also trapped inside.

"It was pretty scary. I was… I just hoped he wasn't in there. I just kept thinking about if he was in there or not," Brewer went on to say.

Turns out he wasn't.

Now as they can look through the neighboring shell of a home and know how bad it could have been.

"Had I not come out actually in all reality she would have probably died from smoke inhalation and the fire would have overtook her," said Archuleta.

"We've still got good people. After all the bad we've still got some that are good," Brewer added.

The woman's condition isn't known, but she was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The Oak Grove Fire Chief tells NewsChannel 5 they aren't sure how the fire started. He said while he's happy the woman was rescued, he would never advise someone to run into a burning building without proper training or gear.


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