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Gun Dealers Have Problems With Credit Card Processors

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by Chris Cannon

LEIPER'S FORK, Tenn. - A Williamson County gun dealer recently learned a credit card processing company no longer wants to do business with him.

"We go through all the hoops and all the steps and at the end of the day it's still a struggle to get the same services anybody else would," said Nick McMillan.

He owns Leiper's Fork Firearms. It is a small gun dealership McMillan runs out of his home.

"We're set up like a business, just like every other small business out there," he said.

McMillan is a has a federal firearms license and is heavily regulated by both the state and federal governments.

But McMillan received an email from Intuit Payment solutions informing him the company was no longer interested in processing his credit card sales.

"They either reviewed several accounts, or it was a company wide policy, because I wasn't the only federal firearms license dealer that got pushed out the other day," McMillan said.

In the email the company wrote "Intuit does not support the services you are providing" and then the reason stated was firearms, ammunition, gun parts and accessories sales not sold in a face-to-face environment with the credit card being swiped.

McMillan does not know the exact reason behind the policy change, but speculated the nationwide gun debate may be behind the move.

"I think companies like this are so afraid of any negative publicity they'd rather not participate," McMillan said.

The small business owner said the move by Intuit will not stop him from selling guns.

"Intuit Processing isn't my only option, I am set up with another company that's a lot more friendly to the industry," said McMillan.

He does feel as if the company is discriminating against federally licensed gun dealers.

"It's up to them who they provide the service to, at the end of the day, which is fine. But, it does seem like we get discriminated against a little bit," McMillan said.

NewsChannel 5 tried contacted Intuit to get a comment about the company's email to McMillan. No one from Intuit returned messages.


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