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Maury County Commissioner Arrested For Stalking

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MT. PLEASANT, Tenn. - A county commissioner was thrown in jail after he was accused of stalking a police officer. Maury County leader William Roddy is facing serious charges and has strong words for his accuser.

Roddy said Facebook is one of the many ways he keeps in touch with his constituents. He said posting issues, like a Mt. Pleasant speed trap, started a line of events that landed him in jail.

"I was in the bed asleep, and somebody kept beating on my door. I got up, and it was Mt. Pleasant Police, two of them. Two cars and a sheriff deputy was there," said Roddy.

Roddy was arrested for stalking one of Mt. Pleasant's police officers. The Mt. Pleasant Police Chief said the incident started after an officer ticketed Commissioner Roddy for running a stop sign and not having valid car insurance two weeks ago.

"Then I get a phone call early Saturday morning saying that the officer was off duty; he was at home and his wife come home at 1:30 in the morning from work and found Mr. Roddy sitting in their driveway behind our patrol car," said Tommy Goetz, Mt. Pleasant Police Chief.

Roddy said the car the officer's wife said she saw hasn't moved from his driveway in two weeks.

"If I was in her driveway, why didn't she stop and say, 'What are you doing in my driveway?' She's lying. She's a bare face lie, "said Roddy.

Roddy said he's never stalked an officer, but Chief Goetz said the driveway incident was not the first.

"Like, the officer would be sitting in a parking lot running radar, and Roddy would ride back and forth or sit and watch him and that type of thing," explained Goetz.

"That's a state road," said Roddy. "I got a right to be on that road any time I want. I pay taxes. As far as looking at somebody, I got the right to look at somebody. That's the kind of childish stuff we're up against."

Chief Goetz said he stands by his officer, and Roddy said he is innocent.

"She's absolutely lying, and I'll tell you what I'll do, I will take a lie detector test and pay for it, if she will take it because my car ain't been moved in two weeks," said Roddy.

Roddy is scheduled to appear in court in March. He says he's thinking of getting an attorney to sue the officer and his wife for defamation.

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