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Tornado Sirens Were Silent In Hardest Hit Town

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HICKMAN COUNTY, Tenn - The road to recovery will be long for Coble residents.

"The word that came to mind was devastating," resident Dina Gilbert said. "That's it. It's tragic and I don't ever see it being the same."

As each tree limb is removed, they get a better view of the damage the storm left behind.

"It's a wonder that everybody ain't dead," resident Barry Shanes said.

An EF 2 tornado tore through Coble early Wednesday morning.

"The winds were real strong," Shanes said. "Sounded like a freight train coming at us."

The sound woke up residents who were fast asleep and unaware of the danger they faced.

"When everything started I guess blowing off, it sounded like a small explosion," Christopher Wesbrooks explained. "So I guess it was the unknown that bothered me most."

As the storms approached tornado sirens went off all across Hickman County. But the residents in Coble didn't hear a sound.

"No. That siren has gone off one time that I know of and that's when they were testing it," Gilbert said. "There's been several occasions where it should have gone off but it didn't."

The siren is strategically placed right in the center of the community, right in the tornadoes path. But the sirens run off of electricity from Perry County and the storm hit them first, knocking out power to Coble's siren.

"It could save people's lives," Shanes said.

"The siren doesn't work," Gilbert added.

The storm only injured one person, leaving this community counting their blessings.

"That's the grace of God," Gilbert said. "I mean point blank because somebody should've been hurt."

That's why they're putting their faith in each other, not in the sirens.

The tornado sirens have only been in the community for less than a year and half. Emergency Management officials say they've considered the battery powered sirens, but found the upkeep was too costly. County leaders expect to discuss their emergency response, once things settle down.

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