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Lindsey Lowe Found Guilty Of Murder In Deaths Of Newborn Twins

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GALLATIN, Tenn. – A jury found Lindsey Lowe guilty of first degree murder in the deaths of her twin newborn sons. They deliberated for just over two hours on Tuesday afternoon.

Lowe was found guilty of two counts each of felony first degree murder, felony premeditated murder and aggravated child abuse. 

The judge sentenced her to life in prison for the counts of first degree murder. She will have to serve 51 years before she's eligible for parole. She will be 77 years old.

A sentencing hearing was scheduled Friday, April 26, for the aggravated child abuse convictions. 

Lowe's bond was revoked and she was taken into custody. She waved to family members and said "I'm ok, I love you all" as she left the courtroom. 

One juror said after hearing all the facts, his decision was clear.

"We contemplated second degree, but we felt like because it was two infants incapable of fighting for themselves, that was pretty brutal," said Ted Jones.

Jones said the evidence was telling, including Lowe searching pregnancy topics shortly before giving birth to the twins.

"I think that indicated to us that she was aware that she was pregnant," Jones added.

He said that wasn't the only piece of evidence that swayed their decision.

"I don't think it was planned for 9 months but I think it was pre-planned at the time because you don't clean up after yourself if you don't have a plan," Jones concluded.

Prosecutors said they were pleased by the outcome.

"I perceive this as justice for the small twins; they never really had a chance to know what life was about," said Assistant District Attorney Ron Blanton.

But they all understand a woman's life is now forever changed.

"So it's a bad thing that a young lady has life sentences and has been convicted but she's the one that did it and she's the one that's held accountable," added District Attorney General Ray Whitley.

During closing arguments, both sides agreed that Lindsey Lowe did not act like a pregnant woman.

Friends, family and even her fiance did not realize that she was pregnant. She was a bridesmaid in a wedding two days before giving birth and a sorority sister spent the night with her one day before.

Prosecutors argued that Lowe's actions show she intended to go on with her life and not let children interfere.

During closing arguments, District Attorney Ray Whitley asked the jury to find Lindsey Lowe guilty of all six counts, including felony murder, premeditated murder, and aggravated child abuse.

The prosecution asserted the evidence and testimony shown over the last week, including her interview with police and Google searches on her iPhone on pregnancy, showed Lowe knew she was pregnant and that she killed her newborn twins.

"In her own words she told you how these babies met their demise," Ron Blanton, Sumner County Assistant District Attorney General, said during his final statement to jurors.

Attorneys for 26-year-old Lowe contended those actions prove she was in denial about being pregnant. A psychiatrist testified that Lowe was delusional when she gave birth in the bathroom of her family's home on September 12, 2011.

He claimed that things only began to set in for Lowe when she was brought in for questioning two days later, and pointed out that she answered "I guess" 35 times and "I don't know" several times during the interview with police. Pellegrin also said the Lowe's taped confession is not credible because she is mentally ill.

Pellegrin also brought up the twins' father, Jeremy Smith, who they have called a rapist. The prosecution later maintained that Smith really had nothing to do with the case. 

Judge Dee Gay first charged the jury Tuesday morning. After lunch, the jury will consider six counts against Lindsey Lowe, including first degree felony murder, first degree premeditated murder, and aggravated child abuse. Jurors must unanimously agree on each count for which Lowe was indicted; if they can't agree, they can consider lesser charges.

The defense rested Monday afternoon, after a week's worth of testimony from both sides. 

Before that, Lowe waived her right Monday to appear as a witness in her murder trial.

Her lawyer asked her if she understood what she was doing and then asked her why she did not want to speak to the jury.

"I just don't feel like I can emotionally handle it," said Lowe, fighting back tears.

However, her father and sister took the stand in her defense. Both testified that they had no idea Lowe was pregnant, even when she was a bridesmaid in a wedding in Kentucky two days before she gave birth to twin boys.

Lacey Lowe said Lindsey changed clothes in front of the other women in the wedding, and no one noticed she was nine months pregnant. Photos of Lindsey from the wedding were shown to the courtroom during the testimony.

Lacey Lowe said Lindsey's weight always fluctuated, and that she did not think anything about it when Lindsey started gaining weight.

Lindsey Lowe is charged two counts of premeditated murder for allegedly smothering her newborn twins after she gave birth in the bathroom she shared with her sister at their parents' home on September 12, 2011.

Prosecutors have said that she told police that she smothered the twins so her parents would not hear their cries.

Mark Lowe testified that he and his wife were in such shock that they did not call police for 15 minutes after his wife found the body of one of the babies in a laundry basket two days after Lowe gave birth.

A jury of seven men and five women will deliberate. Three male alternates have also been in the courtroom. Jurors are not sequestered.

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