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Two Kids Safe After Car Stolen In Downtown Nashville

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Two children have been safely returned to their mother after an early morning carjacking.

Police said the children were left unattended in a vehicle that was still running on 5th Avenue downtown near the MTA bus stop.

According to police, the mother, 24-year old Ciara Williams left her car running so she could pick up her paycheck at the Dunkin Donuts inside the bus stop where she works.

Police stressed it can only take minutes, even seconds to become a victim of crime. 

"I know people think it can't happen to me, but it can and it only takes a second," said Metro Police Spokesperson Kris Mumford.  "The main message here is even if you think you're going to be gone for only a minute, it's too long to leave your car running."

In the few moments she was away, someone jumped into Williams' Honda sedan and took off with her most precious cargo in tow.  

"About 6:35 this morning, a report came in that a car with a one-year old and a five-year old in it had been stolen at 5th Avenue downtown," said Mumford. 

Minutes later, the thief ditched the car in Bicentennial mall, where Williams reunited with her children, Lauren, 1, and Derrick, 5.  

"Fortunately the children were unharmed," said Mumford. 

State law prohibits children under the age of seven to be left unattended in a vehicle. Here is the state law below: 

TCA Code 55-10-803 (a) It is an offense for a person responsible for a 
child younger than seven (7) years of age to knowingly leave that child 
in a motor vehicle located on public property or While on the premises of 
any shopping center, trailer park, 0r any apartment house complex, 0r 
any other premises that is generally frequented by the public at large 
without being supervised in the motor vehicle by a person who is at least 
thirteen (13) years of age, if: 

(l) The conditions present a risk to the child's health or Safety; 

(2) The engine of the motor vehicle is running; or 

(3) The keys t0 the motor vehicle are located anywhere inside the 
passenger compartment of the vehicle. 

(b) A violation of this section is a Class B misdemeanor punishable only 
by a fine of two hundred dollars ($200) for the first offense. 

(c) A second or subsequent violation of this section is a Class B 
misdemeanor punishable only by a ñne of ñve hundred dollars ($500).

Police say it's still unclear whether Williams will face charges. 

As for identifying a suspect, police said the five-year old was able to provide a limited description, but anyone who may have been in the area and saw this car is asked to call (615) 74-CRIME.


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