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Animal Control Will Be Given More Freedom To Tranquilize Strays

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by Jason Lamb

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Animal Control officers in Davidson County will soon be granted more freedom to use tranquilizers on stray animals when they capture them.

Officials said the change will make people safer because they'll be able to do their job more quickly.

The state law is already in effect, and as soon as Metro animal control officers are certified by the state, they'll be able to tranquilize dogs without a veterinarian going along with them -- something they said in the past kept them from doing their job as efficiently as they could.

Animal control is just entering its busy season with animals being dropped off. 

They said their intake area is bursting at the seams, but they said they're not worried about this creating an even bigger crowding problem for the facility, because they only use tranquilizing as a last resort.

Officials at the animal control center said they're pleased to hear about the changes allowing for more frequent tranquilizer use as a last resort.

"Dogs run in front of cars, they run in front of everything, and we definitely don't want officers running in front of cars putting themselves in danger," said Florita Harrison.

Animal control is asking Metro Council if it can hire three more animal control officers, bringing its total to 10 officers serving Davidson County.

A $2 increase in pet licensing fees would pay for it.


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