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Tips On How To Avoid The Stomach Bug

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by Shannon Royster

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. – Local doctors said Viral Gastroenteritis has been going around in town. Experts said the virus can spread quickly and is very contagious.

Once this virus enters your body it can knock you down pretty hard. Kristie Smith, the lead x-ray tech at WellNow Urgent Care in Brentwood, knows it all too well.

"I probably vomited three times in 12 hours and then after that everything else was like every hour on the hour," said Smith. "Probably 48 hours into it, I got to the point where it wasn't resolving, and I had gotten so weak and so tired that I actually ended up having to go to the emergency room."

Valerie Sauve, a family nurse practitioner, said Smith developed the bug through contact with an infected person or eating contaminated food. "They mutate very quickly," said Suave. "They're very easily spread."

They spread by way of things we touch often in public places, such as doors at the office, computers, even things like coffee pot handles.

"You're very contagious, and in fact with most viruses you're most contagious before you even have symptoms," said Suave.

Suave said those symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps and fever can last anywhere from one to six days, unless you become dehydrated.

"People don't think about how dehydrated they're actually getting, and they definitely don't think about the potassium and the electrolytes they're losing," said Suave.

So, in order to prevent this from happening to you, it's important to wash your hands properly.

"Use a quarter size amount of liquid soap and rub your hands vigorously," said Suave. "Try to remember it's the friction that is killing the bacteria and the virus not the actual act of just swiping on the soap or Purell."


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