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Nashville Pipeline Project Being Monitored After Spill

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by Janet Kim

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A pipeline project that stretches from Antioch to Belle Meade is being monitored closely after a gas-line expansion drill caused a clay mixture to spill into Seven Mile Creek.

Officials with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation were on site Monday to monitor the situation and make sure it gets cleaned up.

Mike Mead, who lives in the area, said he's used to looking out his backyard on Huntington Parkway and seeing the sights and sounds of construction.

"It's a lot of big machinery and construction workers, a little noisy," he said.

Last week, Mead shared his fears about Piedmont Gas's South Nashville Pipeline Project.

"Recently our concern is that the creek gets contaminated with the fish and other things that live in the creek," said Mead.

What he didn't know was that very day, his fears would come true. TDEC announced Wednesday there was a spill of drilling material from a spring near Huntington Parkway flowing down to Seven Mile Creek.

They said bentonite, which is a clay material, was three inches deep in some places in the tributary and one inch deep in Seven Mile Creek. It's a similar situation that happened in May near Radnor Lake.

"I kind of have a wait and see attitude," Mead said. "I want to see how things will look and what has happened in that amount of time."

TDEC said the source where the drilling material came from is cleared and that the drill that caused the release is not operating. NewsChannel 5 contacted Piedmont Gas officials, but have yet to receive a response.

TDEC officials said they have requested information from Piedmont and expect a written incident report in the next couple of days.


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