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Your Boss Thinking You're Too Hot Could Get You Fired

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by Adam Ghassemi

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Last winter, Melissa Nelson, found out her boss didn't break the law for firing her just because he thought he'd be tempted to have an affair.

"His reasoning was I was affecting his home life and his personal life and that it was time for me to go," she told Des Moines CBS affiliate KCCI-TV.

Nelson was a dental assistant for Dentist James Knight of Ft. Dodge, Iowa for more than a decade.

According to the station's report, court documents showed Knight found her irresistible, even saying she'd know if her clothes were too revealing if she saw a bulge in his pants or it was a good thing her pants weren't too tight.

When Knight's wife found out, she ordered him to fire Nelson.

"Ridiculous. I'm not attracted to him. I've never been attracted to him," she said.

Friday, the Iowa Supreme Court upheld a previous decision that while unfair, Knight didn't break the law. The all-male judges said Knight firing Nelson because she was a threat to his marriage is legal.

"It's interesting to think that your physical appearance could come into like a work evaluation," said Nashville visitor Steve Moore when told about the case.

Franklin Employment Attorney Tara Swafford said getting fired for being too attractive may sound shocking, but it is not illegal discrimination.

"I would expect the same thing to happen here," Swafford said. "The law only protects you if there's a discriminatory reason. And the court in Iowa said it was not discrimination. She was not terminated because she was a woman it was because of the nature of the relationship with the employer."

"I just thought of myself as an everyday person that came to work and I didn't think, never considered myself to be this attractive person," Nelson went on to say.

Nelson's attorneys could now take their case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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