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Couple Wanted For Stealing Neighbor's Identity

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by Adam Ghassemi

GALLATIN, Tenn. – One Gallatin woman was apparently too trusting. Police said a couple who acted like they were just being neighborly took advantage of her by ransacking her mailbox and stealing her identity.

Melissa Tuck said she doesn't live far from her mother's home, but just far enough she thought she didn't have to worry.

"You never expect this at all," Tuck said Wednesday. "They never asked for anything, you know. Just thought they were honest friends."

Back in April, they got a call from a creditor. Her mother, Teresa Tuck who only has the mental capacity of a 12-year-old, was behind on mysterious bills.

They discovered her mother's credit had been ruined.

"There was all kinds of credit inquiries, cards, everything," Melissa Tuck said.

While identity theft victims usually have their personal information stolen through the mail or online, the suspects don't normally live right next door.

Sgt. Bill Storment with the Gallatin Police Department said 50-year-old Gillis Lewis, Jr. and 48-year-old Rita Lewis acted like they were helping Tuck by always getting her mail, but the gesture had malicious intent.

"When they would go bring the mail in they would just keep some of it," he said.

The couple apparently used check and credit offers to establish credit in Tuck's name. They even paid some of the bills, but then fell behind.

"Anything that comes to the house we shred it or burn it. Never once did I think anything like that would have happened," Melissa Tuck said.

Calls to Gillis and Rita Lewis were not returned. Their home has been abandoned and police believe they could be in Kentucky driving a white Pontiac TransAM with Tennessee license plant 420-XLL.

A raid of the Lewis' home uncovered personal items from Teresa Tuck and her deceased husband that were stolen from inside the elderly woman's home.

Melissa Tuck hoped the couple would one day pay for taking advantage of someone who had no reason not to trust to them.

"Karma. What goes around, comes around," she said.

Gillis and Rita Lewis both face a list of charges including theft, forgery and identity theft. Police said they have a criminal history that includes past identity theft cases.

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